If we need a revolution or something , we need genuine thinkers and visionaries not so called hakims or so called spiritualists .

If we need a revolution or something , we need genuine thinkers and visionaries not so called hakims or so called spiritualists who copy the ideas re-mold them into their dirty deceptive agenda and use the names and work of great genuine people like Iqbal, Jinnah etc for their bogus agenda. I am seeing lots of good people following these deceivers just in the name of nationalism, patriotism etc .
My suggestion is to use your free mind and sense of justice so that you don’t get misguided by these so called nationalists.


Some of my friends on these views of mine against the war think that I support the terrorists for them I need to say:

Opposing the war doesn’t mean supporting the terrorists.

I consider both army and the suicide bombers or terrorists who are killing the innocent civilians as destroyers of peace and don’t find their actions as just.

The problem is when I oppose the war the “nationalists” think as if I am supporting the
terrorists in fact I am opposing the mess and pointing out to destroy the root cause.

I consider prime responsible for this mess are army and government and reason is they
brought an unwanted war on our land and people.

I oppose the killings of innocent civilians in suicide bombs and by army/air force bombings
but again I consider prime responsibility goes to the country institutions because they (means their key heads rest are just blind followers) created the mess for dollars and this mess has created terrorism.

It was army and government who breached the agreement made by Jinnah for dollars.

It was again army and government with allied forces in Afghanistan with their missile attacks and drone attacks destroyed three peace deals after 2004 .
Before this operation ISPR and Information ministry deliberately tried to mold the facts as if the agreements were broken by tribes but even former army generals like Asad Durrani rejected these claims.
Try to find out how “Neik Muhammad” got killed after the peace deal by USA missile attack and then look at the government reaction of owning it.

The terrorist activities can mainly be categorized as:

1) Revenge of the innocent killings by our forces here and Allied forces in Afghanistan.
Also our support in the form of giving supply route to NATO supplies and Drone attacks are playing it’s part as well.
2) Revenge and anger exploited by enemies of Pakistan but its our fault we are providing them the ground to play with.
3) Attacks like on Shariah academy,Peshawar and Benazir were done by players of weapon-blood-dollar game which includes enemies of Pakistan who want us to remain engaged in the war (so called allies in the so called war against terror) and their pets in our own ranks (politicians, military and civil establishment etc).

After the blast which killed Benazir Bhutto the place and all the evidence was washed within hours and a drama was created to link it with tribal situation which never got proved.
My question is who was being protected here?

4) Not to forget the ethnic and sectarian cards which Musharraf government played with their allied parties and groups to control power, they have also contributed a lot to this mess.

My questions are:

Can we support innocent killings in the name of nationalism?
Can we support injustice in the name of patriotism?
And after doing that can we expect peace?


If this is war then there is a need of making an independent war tribunal–>A note on Pakistan Army’s violations of human rights in US lead WAR AGAINST HUMANITY AND PEACE.

“No Justice! No Peace!” This is something what every sane person on the planet can understand.

But it seems understanding of this has been put aside during the US-lead war against humanity
and peace(so called war against terrorism). We saw videos and images coming out of Iraq and
Afghanistan of violations of human rights by US and allied forces in places like Bagram (the
same prison where Dr. Aafia was tortured),Abu ghuraib,Guantanamo and else where.

The similar practices were followed by Pakistan Army and security agencies during this US-lead
war and if it is really a war then there is a serious need of making a war tribunal to probe
what has happened during post 9/11 weapon-blood-dollar game in Pakistan.

The list of crimes is long which includes:
1) Mass killings and genocide of which WANA,Waziristan,Sawat,Baluchistan and LAL-Masjid are classic examples.
2) Humiliation and torturing of accused without proper trial.
3) Extra judicial killings (There are reports of this in Sawat,Fata and Baluchistan).
4) Torturing of the relatives of people (Who are not responsible of anything) who are allegedly fighting against the army(Recent video of Sawat is a real good example of this).
5) Illegal abduction of people and selling them to foreign countries for dollars without giving a proper trial (Missing persons case and Dr. Aafia Siddiqi come in the same category).

The worst thing is that Pakistan army is doing this with it’s own people which is one step
ahead of US and NATO forces as they are doing all the crimes against foreign people on foreign soil.

Our army and government never learned the lessons from history, we face the consequences of all this in 1971 in the form of Bangladesh now it seems the establishment wants to repeat it.

Therefore we appeal to all the justice and peace loving people of the world especially Pakistan to support the demand of making an independent war tribunal.

You can watch the Sawat torture video on: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/8287976.stm