Great People Great Thoughts–>Iqbal on slavery and conviction

“Why hast thou made me born in this country, The inhabitant of which is satisfied with being a slave? ” (Allama Muhammad Iqbal)

“Conviction: Conviction enabled Abraham to wade into the fire; Conviction is an intoxicant which makes men self sacrificing; Know you, Oh victims of modern civilization!” (Allama Muhammad Iqbal)


Why no one is looking at the economic impacts of Kerry-Lugar Bill and it’s impacts on the promotion of Capitalist-Imperialism?

Why no one is looking at the economic impacts of Kerry-Lugar Bill and it’s impacts on the promotion of Capitalist-Imperialism?

Most of the clauses being circulated and criticized from the bill are related to security

conditions , no one except few analysts and politicians are looking at the economic impacts of the bill on our economy.

In summary it will:

1) Help the USA in making a parallel budget to work on our social sector through our NGOs

and we have seen how these funds are utilized in countries like ours

mostly to support vested interests of the fund suppliers.

2) Promote the further monitoring of our economy by Imperialist power.

3) Set the directions of our budget or  the security part of our budget.

4) Pave way for them to openly invest in scholars and organizations to promote the USA war against humanity (so called war against terror) agenda which will further make our society a capitalist slave and put our economy in a course to face further damages of the war.

5) Make our economy a real slave economy which will live just enough to serve the purpose of Capitalist Imperialism.

Army and controlled opposition in the parliament didn’t reject the aid and the bill as a whole and the reasons are:

1) They don’t want to get out of this war against humanity and peace as their personal gains are associated with it.

2) They themselves are slaves to the Capitalist-Imperialism to which this bill is intended to serve.

Its time to Take Action! (Go! Dictatorship Go!)

We neither are  animals so that who ever wants to take us in the direction he wants us to go and we will obey him without thinking nor we are slaves, we are free people.

We as a nation need to think

and act as an honest, just and

freedom loving nation.

In this time of difficulty the nation must rise for the survival of Pakistan and tell the dictator Musharraf we want to live with freedom under the rule of law.

And people who think all this effort is a waste of time.

“Whoever amongst you sees anything objectionable, let him change it with his hand, if he is not able, then with his tongue, and if he is not even able to do so, then with his heart, and the latter is the weakest form of faith.”(Hadith)
Go! Dictatorship Go!