Sheikh Hasina’s hate based nationalism and Imran Khan address in Pakistani assembly on Qader Molla issue

Recent reports of angry protests in Pakistan against a resolution in Pak assembly on Qader Molla’s judicial murder seems to have pissed off the tyrant Sheikh Hasina and her hyper nationalist supporters. According to reports, the angry protesters burned Pakistani flag, tried to enter embassy and even burned the effigies of PTI head Imran Khan.

It seems many Bangladeshis, mainly from Awami League support base, are so blind in their hatred that they cant even try to see the opinion of others on the issue. At least try to listen before acting like blind nationalists.

Link to Imran Khan’s speech in National Assembly on Qader Molla issue

Imran Khan in principle always opposed military operation of 1971 by Pak army. The resolution was mainly against the way they are conducting the trial in Bangladesh through kangaroo courts and using anti-Pakistan sentiments. If Sheikh Hasina wants to throw Bangladesh into a bloody civil war to promote her election campaign then its her issue and the issue of Bangladesh. No one is undermining the right of Bengladeshis to play politics. The only thing is that not everyone can remain silent on political murders of Muslims through unjust and fake trials. Most of the people who are criticizing Molla’s political murder,including Imran, also opposed military operation of 71 . Pak army did a lot of bad things in 71, the better way is to go for a fair trial which will also look into what Mukti Bahni did with non Bangladesh supporters in 71.

It seems Bangladeshis are stuck into the past and their government is trying to cover up their failures by using anti Pakistan sentiments. There are bad things which happened in the past, the options are either to remain stuck in them or to move on like Nelson Mandela and South Africa did. It seems Sheikh Hasina wants BD to remain stuck in the bad past so that she can control their minds through hate.

Also try to see what non Pakistani key Muslim leaders like Turkey’s PM Erdogan are saying:

Shame on Hasina !

I don’t agree with JI’s decision of sticking with Pakistan in 1971 especially when Yahya and Bhutto opted for the slaughter of Bengalis but hanging someone through kangaroo courts for political affiliation or political decisions is shameful.

I think Sheikh Hasina is exploiting social class differences in Bangladesh to forward her hate based agenda and people who support such murders are the reason these tyrants like Hasina exist. These supporters of tyranny also exist in Pakistan, Egypt, Syria and many parts of the world and its always an honor to stand up against them.

Pakistan Government shows optimism as Abdul Hafeez Sheikh takes vacant FM office

Isn’t this a familiar name “Abdul Hafeez Sheikh”. Musharraf team still rules the country like his destructive policies.

Source:Pakistan Government shows optimism as Abdul Hafeez Sheikh takes vacant FM office.


Islamabad- Pakistani Prime minister Yusuf Raza Gillani has shown his optimism with the appointment of Abdul Hafeez Sheikh as his Finance advisor.He said appointment of an experienced economist as advisor will give fresh impetus to the management of Pakistan’s economy.

Mr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh is well known in banking and financial sector for last 30 years. He was the investment and privatization minister from 2003-2006 and the Sindh finance during the tenure of Shaukat Aziz as PM and Finance Minister. He also served as planning and development minister from 2000-2002 when General (R) Musharraf was the Chief Executive of the country. He is also a former country head of World Bank Saudi Arabia.

The position of Finance advisor in the federal government was vacant since the resignation of Shaukat Tarin.