Martyr debate, drones and NATO supplies

Recent comments by Ameer e Jamat e Islami Munawwar Hussan regarding the status of martyr for Hakeem ullah Mehsud or for Pakistani soldiers fighting this American corporatist war.

It seems that pro-war lobby in media and civil society are trying to use this martyr (shaheed) debate issue to undermine drones and NATO supply issue. ISPR and its mouth pieces are also active now to take advantage from this debate and to play nationalism card and other cards they play to exploit sectarian and social class differences based fault lines.

Considering army soldiers dying while fighting this American war against Afghanistan/Pakistan or Hakeem ullah’s status as a martyr or terrorist is as subjective as discussing Abu lulu (murderer of Umar r.a.) should have a shrine in Iran or not.

The need is to come out of this mess to give peace a chance. For me, status of shaheed for people dying fighting this war is less important than saving innocent lives of those who are dying due to drones /military operations and being classified as collateral damage or dying in resulting terrorism.

PTI, JI and other anti-war parties should focus on their plan to block NATO supplies on 20th November and keep up their pressure for ending this war and drone strikes.

Defaming judiciary, denying to implement court orders, playing shaheed and sind card–>Pakistan Feudal Party playing as dirty as corrupt-feudal politicians can

In a recent Central Executive Committee of Pakistan Feudal Party (aka PPP or Pakistan People’s Party) has shown their defiance to implement Supreme Court’s
NRO judgment especially with regards to Swiss cases.

Taking to media Fauzia Wahab (spokeperson PPP) said that Swiss cases were made against Benazir Bhutto and in CEC they have decided not to open cases
against Nusrat and Benazir Bhutto. It seems the party is again playing Shaheed (Martyr) card to get sympathies of people to cover up Zardari and team corruption.

Also there is a media campaign launched by PPP against judiciary going on. The campaign is not only being launched in Pakistan but in international media as well.

Zardari and team has also been playing liberal and Sind cards as well.

We need to beware of all these things as civil society, they are doing this to further destabilize things as they are not able to run the country properly. PPP wants to come out
from this situation as a victim.

These corrupt feudal  politicians are playing as dirty as they can but we need to stand by the justice and rule of law and don’t fall into any illusions they create.

A SAD NEWS FOR THE PAKISTANI NATION—>Helicopter crash in Waziristan killing 8 Pakistan Army Officers.

The helicopter crash in North Waziristan in which 8 Army officers including a major general (Javed Sultan Shaheed) got shaheed has been taken as a sad news all over the country.

In this difficult time we pray for the peace and blessings in the life

hereafter for the departed souls.

According to the media reports:

The accident killed Major General Javed Sultan, the commanding officer of the northwestern Kohat garrison, which oversees the hunt for Taliban militants in the tribal belt, top army spokesman Major General Athar Abbas said.

Two brigadiers, four officers including two pilots and a junior crewman were also killed when the Bell 412 transport helicopter crashed in the rugged region, Abbas said.

“I rule out any hostile or any sabotage action in the crash,” Abbas told the media.

This statement from the military spokesman is a real positive one specially when there are

chances of peace negotiations with the local Taliban commander ,  Baithullah Masood.

(I hope the talks will result in a peaceful settlement).

May Allah give them a good place in the heavens.