Pakistan 2013 elections-MQM terrorism: As usual no fair elections in Karachi

It seems, Karachi will still need to wait for a long time for any change. Karachi is again seeing rigged elections or no elections at all in many areas. There are reports of violence in areas like NA-255 and no elections in NA-250 and other parts of Karachi.

My experience as a voter at NA256-Meridian Grammar School polling station: Delayed start of voting. People with MQM badges openly moving in the polling station and making sure that their known voters get the chance out of turn for casting their votes while others get frustrated in heat. This will discourage new voters which are more likely to cast their vote for PTI.

Also inside polling station they are taking cards of old people and first timers to cast their votes.Those who knew what they are doing resisted but many dont even know what is happening. If this is happening in educated areas then forget about other areas.

MQM is a product of establishment and if America wants MQM so establishment (Army, rangers etc) will keep a blind on what ever MQM does.

Despite all this people should come forward and vote! Vote PTI in Karachi to show you are not sheeple.

Dr. Riaz Ahmed savagely assaulted by Rangers—> What the hell our establishment wants?

United4Justice : I don’t know where the hell our establishment wants this country to go. Reports are that a faculty member of KU(Dr. Riaz Ahmed) was severly beaten by rangers and no actions are taken uptill now by the government.

Below is the e-mail message from the Emergency mailing list:


Dr Riaz Ahmed, Associate Professor at Applied Chemistry, Karachi University was savagely assaulted by military personnel (Rangers) posted at Silver Jubilee Gate of KU on Monday March 31 at 5:02pm. Dr Ahmed was beaten with sticks, rifle buts and punches thrown at him by four military men in uniform. The incident occurred after Dr Ahmed was arbitrarily stopped from leaving campus while others were allowed in. Dr Ahmed received severe bruises on head, shoulders and back. Scores of non-teaching staff and students witnessed the assault.

(News Report:

Marks of this inhuman Rangers brutality can be seen here (you may find these pictures disturbing):

Now Rangers have registered an FIR on him and are going to raid his house at soon. We need to do our best to protect a renowned academic.


1) Contact the Education Ministry to Take Immediate Notice:

Minister for Education:

Ahsan Iqbal
Chief Coordinator & Information Secretary
House No 81 St 59, I-8/3

051-4860058 (fax)

Dr. Ata ur Rehman:
Chairman Higher Education Commission
Cell: 0333-4267865

2) Contact the VC of Karachi University urging him to take notice of this incident and protect Dr. Riaz:

Phone Office:
(021) 926-1336, 926-1337, 924-3649, 924 3650
(021) 926-1300 extension 2210 and 2454

Cell: 0333 228 5940

Home: (021) 534-0828

Fax: (021) 926-1340


3) Write to Newspapers :

People’s Resistance would like to issue a call out to all its activists to take the time to write a letter to the editor to various newspapers in Karachi on the issue of Dr. Riaz and his harassment by the rangers. Please do it immediately, if it might not get printed in todays issue (4th April) at least sneak it into Saturday or Sundays pages.

Write your opinions and send it to all the following addresses

* Dailytimes –
* Dawn –
* The News –
* ThePost –

Please remember to insert your name, address and contact number at the bottom of the letter as an anonymous letter is never printed. But after giving the details you still have the choice of specifying whether the name should be printed or not.

4) Forward to friends, family members and mailing lists you are on:

Spread the word. As with any campaign numbers matter.