What We Believe And What We Advocate?

We believe:

In freedom of thoughts and equal opportunities to earn and live.

No Justice No Peace!

In struggle for justice by just means because we know peace and prosperity can only prevail with justice and humanity.

We advocate :

No more Fascism in the name of Liberalism!
No more Theocracy in the name of Religion!
No more Sectarianism in the name of Secularism!
No more War in the name of Peace!
No more Slavery in the name of Nationalism!
No more Plutocracy in the name of Democracy!
No more Dictatorship in the name of Security!
No more Exploitation in the name of Slogans!


Being Liberal–>Random thought

Being liberal now a days has become the following of certain actions and ideas. Being liberal means your thinking process is liberal and you can accept other
people as a reality even if they wear veil or not, are bearded or not and so on.people with myopic fascist ideas now a days consider themselves (they have the right but i disagree) liberal by condemning every actions of so called conservatives or so called religious class. I don’t know how one thinks with a liberal mind when he confines his/her thoughts in the boundaries of left and right, liberal and conservative, mr. and mullah, sufi and non-sufi and other stereo-types.