Quetta and Swat Blasts–> Need to come out of this mess or war

Its really sad to see hundreds of people facing purposeless deaths and its now a high time for people to see what these imported war policies, corrupt ruling elite and years of sectarian/social-class hatred has given us. We are in a self-destructing mode and we need to come out of it now.

Baluchistan govt. and assembly is a useless bunch of morons who only know how to grab more money and power. Governor has accepted the failure and there is no reason to keep them on their jobs. I am strongly against military intervention but I fully agree with the demand to remove Baluchistan government. They don’t represent people of Baluchistan at all. Dozens of people have lost their lives and Raisani has no serious intention of accepting the responsibility. Not only Raisani but DG FC and Army commanders in the province who are responsible of destroying peace in Baluchistan should be made accountable for the situation.

And finally for those who supported this system and are still supporting it: Next time when you support Army, PPP,PML,MQM,ANP,JUI and other pro-war groups and lobbies, don’t forget the scenes of miseries, deaths, poverty and hopelessness across the whole country.


Pak Army Extra-Judicial Killing of 6 Prisoners–>We need war crimes tribunal

Another story of brutality in this so called war against terror has come on internet. In the video Pakistan Army soldiers are doing extra-judicial killing of 6 prisoners (seems to be of young age) in area probably of Khaiber Pakhtoonkhwa.

Previously videos of torture including old men have come on the media and army promised an inquiry but no results came , also reports of civilian killings through indiscriminate bombings is a usual practice in this so called war against terror.

We seriously need a “War Tribunal” to probe unconstitutional actions, extra-judicial killings, drone attacks with support from Pakistan government/army, illegal abductions and other human rights violations by Army and other security institutions in this so called war against terror.

If we think we are a civilized nation with some sort of sense of justice and humanity then we need to take some bold measures. We need to understand actions like these extra-judicial killings will promote terrorism and will not help the cause of peace (if this is the real purpose of this war which doesn’t seem to be).


[ Video : Alleged execution of prisoners in Pakistan]

 Though there is a statement in media as usual claiming these videos to be faked but we can’t trust them unless free and fair investigation with proper trial are conducted for these actions.

Image building dramas like stopping NATO supplies or showing false discontent on drone attacks will not solve the problem. Army really needs to behave as a naitonal and civilized army not an occupied force.

Thousands rally over death of Kashmir activist–>AFP

SRINAGAR, India — Thousands of Muslims rallied in Indian Kashmir on Wednesday over the death of an activist who had led a recent wave of public outrage against the rape and murder of two young women.

Police were investigating after the body of Mohammed Hussain Zargar, 42, was discovered late Tuesday in an orchard, three days after he went missing.

Zargar, a property developer, was a prominent figure in the campaign to find those guilty of killing a 17-year-old girl and her 22-year-old sister-in-law in May.

The campaign became a focus for violent protests against Indian rule of Muslim-majority Kashmir.

Police initially said the two women drowned, but later acknowledged they had both been raped and murdered. Family members have accused the security forces of being involved in their deaths.

Zargar and the two dead women were all found in the same town of Shopian.

Anti-India sentiment runs deep in the Kashmir valley, where the majority of residents want independence for the Himalayan region.

A nearly 20-year insurgency in Indian Kashmir has claimed more than 47,000 lives by official count.