Killing of 5 innocent women in Naseerabad(Baluchistan).

Feudalism and the rotten customs associated with the system has damaged our society to the worst any thing can.

Killing of 5 innocent women (reportedly burried alive, a real shameful act founded in the name of Islam but it seems not able to get away completely from their hindu customs)in Naseerabad by the local Sardars is a recent shameful example.

We demand the government to punish those responsibles for it no matter what their position is or what party they belong to.

Two girls were killed with blunt weapons: doctor(The News)

QUETTA: Lady Police surgeon Dr Shameem Mishwani on Wednesday said the post mortem report of two girls killed in Naseerabad showed that the cause of their death was wounds from blunt weapons like a rod or stone.

Talking to media persons here, Dr Shameem further said that both the bodies were buried in two-foot deep ditch far from their home. Their broken skulls and ribs showed that they were badly tortured and hit on heads, which probably precipitated their deaths.

Dr Shameem revealed that the corpses were some two months old but blood obtained from them was still fresh and its colour was red. Blood samples, hair and pieces of clothes of the victims have been obtained and would be dispatched to Lahore for DNA test on Thursday (today), the doctor said.