Congratulations Pakistan on a very successful display of solidarity and commitment for the cause of justice and freedom–>some personal experiences to share

Congratulations Pakistan for showing display of solidarity and commitment with the cause of justice and freedom and we specially congratulate the lawyers,students,civil society and also political workers who joined hands with each other under the leadership of Aitzaz Ahsan for the great cause.

I think PPP(specially Mr. 10% Zardari),Mush and company(MQM, Chaudharys of Gujrat),Dogar and company and PML with ANP should realize that they don’t have time to waste and they must have to act now in favor of the country and restore judiciary(with out any unconstitutional package) and get rid of that dictator Musharraf.

InshaAllah the success is near and Pakistan will experience the true justice and freedom.

Some personal experiences: I am very tired (I have arrived today at Karachi) so not in a position to write much but would like to share some personal experiences(In a random and brain storming way).

> It was great to see people coming all from Pakistan (Sind,Balauchistan,Sarhad,Punjab,Kashmir,Tribal areas) for a common cause belonging to different backgrounds.

> Specially would like to thank Fastring guys(students,alumini and faculty of FAST-NU) for showing great hospitality specially Hasan (for picking me  up and helping me with many things) and Usman of YPL(for sharing his room).

> It was great to be with faculty members of FAST-Lahore and openly discussing views with them specially Dr. Durrani,Pr. Liaquat Majeed Shaikh and their former entrepreneurship faculty member Zia sahab.

> Also to CCP and SAC guys for their cooperation and support throughout the journey.

> It was great to see that people were so disciplined and united.

> still feeling in my ears “Go Musharraf Go”,”Adlia ki Azadi tak Jang rahai gi , jang rahaigi”,” Ai Khuda mera CJ salamat rahai” and …

> Cannot forget the warm welcome throughout the journey.

> Thanks to the family of Islamabad who invited us at their home and their hospitality.

After thought: We are ready for further struggle and inshaAllah the success will be of the “Right”!




Aitzaz quits poll race to focus on long march

Thanks Aitzaz Ahsan for taking the right decision because the elections of 18 Feb 2008 brought no change in Pakistan.

PPP has become q-League part 2 or in-fact q-league ++ when it comes to serving the foreign agenda which also includes the destruction of our judicial system(as well as economic and social systems).

so people of Pakistan get ready for 10 June battle for the truth and justice in Pakistan.

Aitzaz quits poll race to focus on long march (DAWN)

By Ahmad Fraz Khan

LAHORE, May 18: Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) president Aitzaz Ahsan has pulled out of the electoral race to save the Pakistan People’s Party from an embarrassing situation because at around the time of the coming by-election he will be leading the lawyers’ long march and movement for reinstatement of the deposed judges.

Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, Mr Ahsan said he had informed Pakistan People’s Party co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari on Saturday that he was withdrawing his application for the PPP ticket for the by-election.

The SCBA chief said he wanted to concentrate on making the long march a success.

He said the long march would be a decisive factor in the struggle launched by the lawyers 14 months ago and it needed his full-time devotion.

The SCBA president announced that the long march would begin from Multan on June 10.

After attending gatherings of Sahiwal and Okara bars, the caravan of judges and lawyers will move to Lahore. The next day it would proceed to Islamabad via Gujranwala, Gujrat and Jhelum, he said, adding that the same day another caravan of lawyers would converge on Islamabad from Peshawar.

“The lawyers will go to parliament which is at the centre of the current controversy.”

A lawyers’ meeting held here on Saturday had expressed confidence in the leadership of Mr Ahsan and left the decision about taking part in the by-election to him.“Since all arrangements for the long march are to be made and contesting the by-election may also put the PPP in an awkward position, it is better to withdraw from the electoral race and concentrate on the lawyers’ movement,” he said.

He said that people must translate their love for deposed Chief justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry into action.

Mr Ahsan appealed to all ‘conscious segments’ of the society, including students, traders, members of the civil society, political workers, professionals and the media, to join the struggle for independent judiciary. It was the “only way to safeguard the future of the nation,” he insisted.

He said the presidency was continuing to hatch conspiracies against democracy and one proof of this was that the attorney-general had not been changed.

Mr Ahsan said the lawyers would call off the long march if the judges were reinstated before June 10.

In reply to a question, he said the decisions of the Supreme Court presided over by Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar could be covered under the ‘de facto doctrine’ after the reinstatement of the deposed judges. He said he did not know whether the deposed judges would take up the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) after their reinstatement.

Mr Ahsan conceded that he had differences with the PPP co-chairman on the issue of the judiciary but refused to provide details.

When asked if the lawyers intended to picket the General Headquarters or parliament at the end of their long march, Mr Ahsan said the army did not have any role in the current crisis and the lawyers were convinced about the neutrality of Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Kayani.

Save your judiciary now!—>Emergency mailing list

A high level meeting of Pervez Musharraf, PML-Q led by former Interior Minister Faisal Saleh Hayat and Musharraf’s legal team, led by Sharifuddin Pirzada took place at the President’s house today. A source privy to the meeting informed us about the possible plans to derail the restoration of the judges that were discussed in today’s meeting. Suggestions included having a stay order against the working of the parliament, offering money and black-mailing members of PML-N and PPP (reminder: Faisal Saleh Hayat was a PPP member but joined PML-Q after having his multiple murder and corruption charges dropped). The judges have been promised to be restored by Nawaz Sharif by the 12th and we must actively oppose all possible moves to derail the process.

This is where we need your help. A few emails, sms-es and calls on your part can greatly help Pakistan and further the cause for the restoration of the only independent judiciary of Pakistan.

2) Contact the people in the meeting, urging them not to conspire against the judiciary:

Sharif uddin Pirzada (responsible for all the coups in Pakistan):

Attorney General Malik Qayyum (complicit in Nov 3’s act of treason):

Faisal Saleh Hayat (charges dropped against him even before NRO)
051-9224578 0300-8444798

Ahmad Raza Qasuri (of black spray-painted face fame)
0300 9558217 051 2654762

2) Get the message through to Musharraf to STOP interfering with our judiciary and parliament:

Ideal person to contact:

Bilal Musharraf:
(note Bilal has only been selected because he has been actively supporting his father’s actions of Nov 3rd and has been trying to misrepresent the act of treason committed by Pervez Musharraf at many gatherings in San Francisco Bay Area, especially at Stanford University).

Cellphone: +1-650-861-0229

Through his friends:

Mushaid Hussain Syed 0300-5006056
Ch. Shujjat Hussain 0300-5157029
Muhammad Ali Durrani 0300-8453883
Sheikh Rasheed 0300-8554242
Wasi Zafar 0301-3001720


Director General ISPR Major General Athar Abbas
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Pakistan Secretariat
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Islamabad, PAKISTAN
FAX: +92 051 920-1893/1835 or 4632

Chief of Army Staff House,
Golf Road, Rawalpindi

You can also get the message to him through his secretary:

PR Secretary
Colonel Hassan PRO President 0300-8555569

To send a COMPLETELY anonymous email, use the following program:

3) Spread the message:
As always spread this like wild fire.

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In solidarity


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