Be Ghairti–>Dr. A.Q Khan article in Jang

Another column on national self-esteem and self-respect by Dr. A.Q Khan published in Jang Karachi which I hope will start another useful debate on how our leaders sold their souls to foreign powers without any shame for their acts.

His previous column ‘Ghairat Kahan Hai Tu’ really made people to think on our behavior and actions as a nation and the sort of leadership coming on our national scene.


Ghairat Kahan Hai Tu?–> Dr. A.Q Khan Article in Jang.

A really good article on national self-esteem and honor by Dr. A.Q Khan.


Pray for Dr. A Q Khan’s health

According to media reports the great Pakistani scientist and truly the father of its nuclear program is hospitalized due to some infection.

Dr A Q Khan is in house arrest by the American Pet Dictator’s Government since 2004.

According to media reports:

An army statement said Khan had been in good health since he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in September 2006 but that on Tuesday ”he complained of weakness and was provided immediate medical treatment at home.”

“Medical check-up revealed low blood pressure and fever, probably due to some infection. Doctors advised him to be hospitalised for a detailed medical checkup,” the Army statement said.


Its an appeal to all the muslims in the world and specially Pakistanis to pray in front of Allah for his health.