Yvonne Riddley Story

This is an interesting story of  Yvonne Riddley converted to Islam after being captured and released by Talibans. It is a lesson for so called civilized nations like USA who treat women prisoners like animals and rape them in custody. Even uncivilized Talibans were more noble in their treatment with the women.

Now just compare it what civilized people did with an educated woman , a mother of three children.

Its a shame for so called civilized world:

Support Appeal For Aafia Siddiqi

Dr. Aafia Case–> Don’t Blame The Victim

Over Rs193b loans written off in 12 years, SC told–>The Nation


The Nation

By Zahid Gishkori

ISLAMABAD – The big guns of Pakistan got their over Rs 193.403 billion bank loans written off on the decisions taken by the financial teams of various governments from 1997 to 2009.
This shocking revelation was made in a report of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) submitted before the Supreme Court. The report mentioned the names of those individuals and organisations who had got billion of rupees waived off causing a massive loss to the public exchequer and facilitating the privileged of the previous governments.
According to the list consisting bank-wise summary of written-off loans of 37 banks, that is also available with TheNation, the loans of around 19,711 individuals were written off within the period of last 12 years.
A three-member bench of SCP headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry heard a suo moto case of Rs 54 billion written off loans case that has been pending in the apex court since November 2007.
“Over Rs 300 billion have been waived off by influential persons in the state as the arguments were being presented by the lawyers before the apex court,” the bench observed.
The SC started proceedings of the case on the request of a few citizens for public interest here on Tuesday. Chief Justice in his remarks said, “How will the looted money be recovered from the big guns of the country? Through which device can the public wealth be returned from the babus?” he questioned.
Criticising the government on failure of recovery from defaulters, he said the list of loans must be prepared at provincial levels so that cases of waiving off the loans in each province could be listed. He said court is ready to take on any resistance.
The court has directed the Governor SBP to sort out recovery mechanism of the loans waived off. It directed to hold conference with the presidents of other 37 banks to inquire about the loans written off during 1971 till date.
Dr Ishratul Hussain would be summoned to guide the court while taking u

A Letter to U.S ambassador in UK –> Insaf Forum

Mr Robert Holmes Tuttle,
I tried to have a word with you over the telephone on 9th July but found out that its not possible to do so and today I am writing you instead. I tried to explain your members of staff at the embassy, what my query was, but none of them had an answer for me. So I would like to request you to help me out if possible.
Earlier this month, Yvonne Ridley one of the well known journalists of England along with Imran Khan Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf held a press conference in Pakistan, in which Yvonne Ridley claims that a Pakistani woman is detained along with men in Bagram Jail (controlled by US army) without any charges from several years and is being tortured badly. No one know who she is but the people those who have been there, state that they have heard her screaming and asking for helping.
So would you be able to confirm that Ms Ridley is making true claims against US Military. If that is the reality, with all due respect I would like to ask you that do you treat American women in the same way in States? Do you detain them without charges for as long as you like? Do you torture them in the same way?
Mr Tuttle, I believe it is violation of human rights and I hope that you would agree with me. So, may I ask you that could you please bring out details of prisoner 650 in Bagram jail so that we all know who she is and what wrong has she done. If she has committed a crime she should be allowed for trial in the court(as every human being on the face of earth is born with this right).
My image about American Government would be even better if you could help out with this prisoner 650 because I believe that U.S stands upright for human rights in every part of the world and likes to help those who are ignored.
None of the staff member knew what I was talking about when I called, so I would like to send you a video link along which can make my point even clearer.
Yvonne Ridley’s press conference video link http://www.insaf.pk/Forum/tabid/53/forumid/12/tpage/1/view/topic/postid/31164/Default.aspx#31164
I am adding my details below and would like an answer from you, either way in writing or via e-mails.

Its already three weeks now and I never Received any answer from him.

Could you please come up with any suggestion, that how can we raise this Dr. Afia’s Case.
That will be great. Because U.S Ambassader doesn’t seem very much bothered about answering my letter.