Lawyers movement continues–>Keep it up!

Black coats observe Yaum-e-Iftikhar (The Nation)-23 Septemeber 2008

LAHORE – Lawyers Tuesday observed ‘Yaum-e-Iftikhar’ with a pledge to stand by the deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and continue struggle for his and the restoration of other deposed judges who had previously defied the PCO oath and of late have spurned the government offer of re-appointment under fresh oath of the office.
The outstanding deposed judges are resolute on not accepting the re-appointment and fresh oath on the ground it would negate their Constitutional oath and amount to accepting PCO of Pervez Musharraf which he had passed as Army Chief on November 3. Thus, it would set a precedent for any Army Chief to suspend the Constitution, bring a PCO and subject the judges to it to have his diktats carried through the institution. Lawyers on accepting the re-appointment and fresh oath say, it is tantamount to providing a permanent way to undemocratic forces in the civil govt and its affairs.
The day was observed on the call of the National Coordination Committee to keep legal fraternity warm for what the chairman of the committee, Aitzaz Ahsan had said at its last meeting, for a big show and quicken the movement against the November 3 PCO as well as for judges restoration after Eid-ul-Fitr. Reports received at the Bar here showed that the lawyers at different parts of the country took active participation in the meetings held to renew their commitment with Justice Chaudhry bold ‘no’ to General (r) Musharraf and to carry on struggle for his restoration as Chief Justice of Pakistan. At places, lawyers also took out rallies and raised black flags to resent the yet not honourned commitment for the judges restoration through an executive order. Apart from meetings etc lawyers also continued to hold daily token boycott of the courts and hunger strike to press their demand for revival of November 2 judiciary with Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary as its head.

Lawyers protest, boycott courts (The Daily Mail)-25 September

QUETTA—Quetta lawyers staged a protest and boycotted the courts on Thursday. According to details, the lawyers staged the protest and boycott against non-reinstatement of Iftikhar Chaudhary. They demanded that Iftikhar Chaudhary including all other judges should be reinstated as the position of Nov 2. They said that they would not accept any Judiciary without Iftikhar Chaudhry. The crowd dispersed peacefully yet due to the boycott the people faced problems who came for hearing of their cases.

Congratulations Pakistan on a very successful display of solidarity and commitment for the cause of justice and freedom–>some personal experiences to share

Congratulations Pakistan for showing display of solidarity and commitment with the cause of justice and freedom and we specially congratulate the lawyers,students,civil society and also political workers who joined hands with each other under the leadership of Aitzaz Ahsan for the great cause.

I think PPP(specially Mr. 10% Zardari),Mush and company(MQM, Chaudharys of Gujrat),Dogar and company and PML with ANP should realize that they don’t have time to waste and they must have to act now in favor of the country and restore judiciary(with out any unconstitutional package) and get rid of that dictator Musharraf.

InshaAllah the success is near and Pakistan will experience the true justice and freedom.

Some personal experiences: I am very tired (I have arrived today at Karachi) so not in a position to write much but would like to share some personal experiences(In a random and brain storming way).

> It was great to see people coming all from Pakistan (Sind,Balauchistan,Sarhad,Punjab,Kashmir,Tribal areas) for a common cause belonging to different backgrounds.

> Specially would like to thank Fastring guys(students,alumini and faculty of FAST-NU) for showing great hospitality specially Hasan (for picking me  up and helping me with many things) and Usman of YPL(for sharing his room).

> It was great to be with faculty members of FAST-Lahore and openly discussing views with them specially Dr. Durrani,Pr. Liaquat Majeed Shaikh and their former entrepreneurship faculty member Zia sahab.

> Also to CCP and SAC guys for their cooperation and support throughout the journey.

> It was great to see that people were so disciplined and united.

> still feeling in my ears “Go Musharraf Go”,”Adlia ki Azadi tak Jang rahai gi , jang rahaigi”,” Ai Khuda mera CJ salamat rahai” and …

> Cannot forget the warm welcome throughout the journey.

> Thanks to the family of Islamabad who invited us at their home and their hospitality.

After thought: We are ready for further struggle and inshaAllah the success will be of the “Right”!