A great display of solidarity and the commitment to the cause was shown by the citizens of Karachi.

A great display of solidarity and the commitment to the cause was shown by the citizens of Karachi.

In the protest march the protestors(starting from just few they turned out to be in tens of thousands in just few hours) also passed resolutions for the restoration of judiciary, against the unjustice being done all over the world, high inflation, protection of our cultural heritage, release of our true national hero DR Abdul Qadeer Khan and conveyed the message to National Assembly,UNO and OIC to stop the efforts to invoke the clash of civilization by the anti-peace forces all over the world such as the cartoonists who draw the blasphemous pictures,news paper which publish them and the people who are behid the anti-Quran documentary in Holand.


40pc outsiders join Shan-e-Mustafa march(The Daily Times)

Staff Report

KARACHI: The Shan-e-Mustafa march, organised by the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), had over 40 percent outsiders and non-party participants.

The march started on schedule from the Mazaar-e-Quaid around 4:00 p.m. with only 100 to 150 participants. By the time the march reached Sea Breeze Plaza reciting ‘Durood-o-Salam’ around 5:15 p.m., the number of participants had multiplied.

Despite terrorism threats, and despite heavy contingents of law enforcers present, people were being allowed in the march without any checking. All the routes leading to the march were blocked by police mobiles and empty passenger buses as the JI traffic control committee along with law enforcers maintained the flow of traffic.

A lot of religious and political parties also joined the march, as well as large numbers of women and children.

Participants carried placards, posters and banners, saying, “Aey Mohammad (PBUH), dekh terey Ummat kis taraf ja rahe hai,” “Politicians, don’t forget that we are all answerable,” “Aey Ummat-e-Muslima key jawanon, ab waqt agaya hai key sub mutahid ho jao”. A majority of participants wore yellow bandanas which said, “Our parents are sacrificed on you, Muhammad (PBUH)” in Arabic.

The non-JI participants were content with their participation in the march. Ahmed Ali, a computer engineer, said, “Of course, this march was held by JI but it was not exclusive. I came here because I am a Muslim.”

Another participant, Mumtaz Khan, 55, said that there were two motives behind this march. First, to boycott Danish and Dutch products, and the second, to show a strength of Muslims.

An official from the Karachi Port Trust, Jawad Shah, said that he joins all marches which have anything to do with Islam. Although he is a Shia, it is his responsibility to attend this march, he added.

Muslims and all the sensible people must get unite to stop this cartoon madness by enemies of peace.

Since September 2005 a deliberate attempt is being made to make the world move towards the satanic philosophy by Zionists in Europe and all over the world i.e. the clash of civilization.

The issue resulted in a row of anger and finally was settled after the EU apology to the Muslims during 2005 and 2006 is now ignited again by the enemies of peace again who are planning for a global war to fulfill there evil agendas.

They take support, from the advocates of unethical freedom of speech and expression but when it comes to criticizing or even questioning the Holocaust and the authenticity provided to the world (many still believe it was a drama to gain sympathy and achieving the Zionist agenda nevertheless I don’t give a damn to that but unfortunately the punishment is given to those who were not involved i.e. Palestinians).

The time has come for the people who believe in justice and peace and specially the Muslim rulers to end there dead attitude must take some practical measures to stop this non-sense otherwise the consequences will be unbearable.

The time has come to expose the real terrorists (who are also behind the cartoons episode of expressional terrorism).

Governments must take some serious actions against the publications of blashpemous cartoons.

Recent publications of the blasphemous cartoons of Prophet Muhammed(SAW) have outraged the common muslim and every mentally fit human being all over the world.

Now its time for our so called civilized leadership of the world to take some serious actions or else the results of these type of insulting actions against the religion will result in horrible consequences for the world.

These are the same zionist backed people who want the world to go towards the clash of civilizations.