Progressives in Pakistan demand an immediate end to military operation in FATA

It is good to know that at least few progressives have stood up against the military operations in FATA. We often see many fake liberals and progressives in Pakistan, who actually are sectarian and social class fascists, support this fake war on terror. It is one of the rare moments that a group educated people with some sense of justice left in them stood up against tyranny.

I would have loved to see them criticizing military’s policy of using sectarianism itself through the likes of Zaid Hamid, Faisal Raza Abidi, Sunni Ittehad Council etc to forward the war agenda or to see some blame wrongly going against capitalism but in fact it is ‘corporatism’ which should have been targeted. However, it is a great thing to know that not all progressives and liberals are fake in Pakistan.


We, the undersigned, demand an immediate end to the ongoing military operation in the North Waziristan region of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). We expect this, the sixth military operation in FATA within the last decade, to follow the pattern set by the previous “decisive” operations which resulted in death and suffering for the people of FATA.

The current operation in North Waziristan is nothing but a sham that will only increase the suffering of the people of FATA. Those declaring “full support” for the military operation choose to ignore history (and the present) at their own peril.

While we condemn religious extremism and militancy in the strongest terms, we do not believe that the problem of religious militancy in Pakistan can be addressed through military means nor by an exclusive focus on FATA as a harbour of militancy. Our demands are as follows:

1. An immediate and unconditional halt to the ongoing military operation in NorthWaziristan and other parts of Tribal Areas.

2. We demand that the people of FATA have the right to decide what to do with the problem of militancy in their area. This process must include working-classes, peasants, women and minorities in FATA – with complete accountability, full access to independent media and without any coercion from the security establishment or militant groups.

3. Public disclosure of the names, details and any alleged militant linkages of those killed in the ongoing operation.

4. Immediate abolition of the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) and steps to integrate FATA into mainstream Pakistan by providing guarantee of fundamental rights including rights of political association and the national penal code.

For complete demands and list of people who signed the documents, please visit:

I am especially glad to see the names of teachers in the list who are showing support for some good cause.


Why no one is looking at the economic impacts of Kerry-Lugar Bill and it’s impacts on the promotion of Capitalist-Imperialism?

Why no one is looking at the economic impacts of Kerry-Lugar Bill and it’s impacts on the promotion of Capitalist-Imperialism?

Most of the clauses being circulated and criticized from the bill are related to security

conditions , no one except few analysts and politicians are looking at the economic impacts of the bill on our economy.

In summary it will:

1) Help the USA in making a parallel budget to work on our social sector through our NGOs

and we have seen how these funds are utilized in countries like ours

mostly to support vested interests of the fund suppliers.

2) Promote the further monitoring of our economy by Imperialist power.

3) Set the directions of our budget or  the security part of our budget.

4) Pave way for them to openly invest in scholars and organizations to promote the USA war against humanity (so called war against terror) agenda which will further make our society a capitalist slave and put our economy in a course to face further damages of the war.

5) Make our economy a real slave economy which will live just enough to serve the purpose of Capitalist Imperialism.

Army and controlled opposition in the parliament didn’t reject the aid and the bill as a whole and the reasons are:

1) They don’t want to get out of this war against humanity and peace as their personal gains are associated with it.

2) They themselves are slaves to the Capitalist-Imperialism to which this bill is intended to serve.