Geo license suspended by PEMRA

According to latest media reports, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has suspended the licenses of Geo News, Geo Entertainment and Geo Tez. This is another attack by establishment on freedom of media and must be condemned.

If the biggest media group of Pakistan (Geo) goes down like this then forget about smaller media groups and wait for the time when establishment will exercise their patriotic totalitarian madness over blogs, news websites, websites of political parties or even their speeches. Worst part of this madness is that a political party like PTI and a leader with great potential like Imran Khan were used like a toilet paper. The establishment did it with ease. All they needed to do was to exploit the right fault lines and play cards like religion, nationalism, blasphemy or some personal differences.

Geo did bad journalism on many occasions including in 2013 elections but we need to know that media freedom also includes bad or biased journalism. Giving up freedom to satisfy some personal hatred is a sign of slave and weak mind.

People need to learn that if you don’t like something use your TV remote. use the control in your own hand instead of giving it to PEMRA or Army. . I opposed Geo for their support of Swat operation or supporting army in this war or for 2013 election coverage but on Hamid Mir issue, they rightly stood up with the victim.

I hope sanity will prevail and this attack by establishment will fail.

Update: Next day government, after pressure from local and international circles, distanced itself from the decision and termed the meeting illegal. Still Geo is not available in many parts of the countries as cable operators are under pressure from military.

Imran says Musharraf rule going despite US involvement

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan on Monday said that President Musharraf’s rule cannot be safeguarded and prolonged despite US involvement. 

In a telephonic conversation with Central Deputy Secretary Information Chaudhry Iftikhar Ahmed, Imran Kahn condemned the mistreatment of women and children in Lahore during a protest demonstration and said that people of this country can not be bullied down before dictatorship and would fight for democracy. 

He lauded the students of Punjab University as they came out on the roads after his detention. Our struggle is not against any party but against the enemies of the country who are perpetuating dictatorial actions in the garb of democracy, he pointed out. 

Political vendetta and victimization of media and lawyers are the glaring examples that the rulers are on verge of collapse, he mentioned.

Jemima Joins Protests against Musharraf and Martial Law(Emergency)

 Jemima Khan, ex-wife of Imran Khan, joined hands with people who were protesting outside the Pakistan High Commission to press their demand for the release of all political detainees in Pakistan.
Jemima who extended help to start the ‘Free Pakistan’ Movement, a group made up largely of lawyers, journalists, doctors and professionals, stood at the heart of the demonstration and said that she was doing it because Imran and her Pakistani friends asked “us to make a noise here because they are not able to do it there.”
Jemima’s youngest son was holding a picture of his father Imran with the words “Release Imran. Release my Aba”,media reports.
According to the daily, Jemima received a message from Imran that he was thinking of Sulaiman, 11, on his birthday.
Also there are rumors in Pakistan Regarding torture on Imran Khan in Jail by Musharraf’s Security Forces. 

Bloggers confront emergency—>from The DailyTimes

Bloggers confront emergency
By By Khalid Khattak
LAHOREStudent groups from various universities of the City including Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and FAST-National University have created a number of blogs on different websites to mobilise youths to stand against prevailing state of emergency in the country. Apart from blogs, they have also created a number of forums on different websites. The forums invite comments of the students and people from different occupations regarding the suspension of Constitution and of human rights in the country. The News explored a number of blogs and forums and observed that students had strong resentment against the suspension of the Constitution. They are very critical of the situation and are stating their sentiments against the emergency al over the world via these WebPages.

These blogs and forums are providing regular updates on the state of emergency in Pakistan and students activities in this connection in different universities of the country especially events taking place at LUMS and FAST-NU.

In most of these blogs, students have termed the prevailing state of emergency as Martial Law besides strongly condemning the suspension of the Constitution.

A blog states its creator’s remarks as ‘An Initiative of an Independent Pakistani Student against Injustice and Oppression.’

A LUMS student, asking not to be named, said thousands of students and people are regularly visiting these blogs and websites daily and comment on the state of emergency. “The response shows everyone is depressed under these circumstances,” he added.

He also added, ‘The world knows whatever is happening in Pakistan and what students are doing in response through these blogs and forums.”

Another student said using blogs and forums are the best means of communications among student community under the prevailing situation. The students share useful information through these sources,” he added.

The names of blogs and addresses of the websites are being kept secret on the requests of some organisers who believe that leakage of this information might hamper their movement launched against the imposition of emergency in the country.