I think Jinnah is the founder of Pakistan not any Bhutto–>Can someone tell this to PPPP “leadership”?

This is ridiculous and unacceptable for any sensible Pakistani?

I think Jinnah is the founder of Pakistan not any Bhutto.

Can someone  tell this  to PPPP “leadership”?

It’s a real shame that in front of the whole world PPPP leadership is showing that they have forgotten the founder of the nation and the country has become a family and political party affair.

Wehre is Jinnah?

PM Gillani in press conference with Turkish PM Erdogan -->Where is Jinnah and What Benazir Bhutto is doing in the background?

This is really unacceptable–>Photos of Quaid e Azam replaced with photos of Bhuttos and Zardaris in PM and President houses.

This is really un-acceptable , they have crossed their limits, the feudal junta of PPP is doing everything to takeover Pakistan and start their own monarchy.


The whole nation need to condemn the act of replacing Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s photos with that of Bhuttos and Zardaris who except some good works by Z A Bhutto have only contributed in the destruction of Pakistan.