Egyptian Police Beat Gaza Peace Activists–>Shame on you Husni Mubarak!

Totalitarian government of Egypt which is basically a puppet regime of western imperialist powers first supported Israeli attack on Gaza by doing blockade of Gaza now it has attacked the peace activists from various countries who were demanding freedom and justice for
Gaza in a real peaceful manner.

Shame on you Husni Mubarak!


We need to go for across the board accountability without becoming a prey of illusions

After the remarkable of 17 member honorable bench of Supreme Court of Pakistan. Some players of democracy card join by some opportunists are playing Democracy Card and Ethnic Card.

NRO case was in pending before emergency SC just gave a ruling on that . Most of the criticism is based on speculation and this is being done either deliberately or due to ignorance of the facts.

Some points to think for people who are due to ignorance falling into this propaganda:

-Yes,Musharraf needs to be trialed but who is going to invoke article 6. SC has provided solid grounds for that in 31st July 2009 judgment.

-SC has now called for the list of loan-settlements beneficiaries from banks and it will involve all.

-Karachi and Lahore land mafia cases are being opened.

-Recently Karachi City Government’s acres of land is taken back from Army control by SC.

-PPP has a great chance to bring the khakis to justice as well if they come out of the deals they have made.

-Missing persons case is reopened including Dr. Aafia case and the delay is being done by agencies and so called democratic government.

-Bugti case has been registered and in the courts.

And their numerous other good things which are happening .

Establishment is playing games and they will not stop this but it doesn’t mean we start falling into their trap.

Only thing which will stop them for another MERAI AZIZ HAM WATNON or something similar (which is being planned) is a strong judiciary and a good way to keep judiciary out the equation is to destroy its reputation.

Weaknesses are there and if any one has a problem with any judgment then why don’t they challenge it in the court or at least they should have defended it properly in the court if the whole drama is for NRO .

The criticism over creating a team of judges to supervise accountability cases is baseless as their are examples of similar for terrorism cases but no one criticize that. It’s the job of superior judiciary to see what is happening in lower courts. Another thing it will do is to ensure the proper trial without any delays like it has been the practice which was also criticized by many.

The other thing which is being propagated is why only Swiss cases are opened?

This is not the true picture Swiss cases were especially mentioned because it involves international courts otherwise the judgment says to open all the cases.

We need to slowly move towards a system of social-economic justice without losing our track.

These plutocrats (not democrats) are playing democracy card and ethnic card like khakis play national security card.

For once we need to go for across the board accountability without becoming a prey of illusions created by the players of National Security Card, Democracy Card, Shaheed Card, Ethnic Card, Sectarian or any other Card.

Lawyers In Pakistan Say NO To President Musharraf

Here is a blog post written by a citizen of Barbados on the crisis in Pakistan.

LAHORE, Pakistan (CNN) — Baton-wielding police fought with lawyers outside courthouses in Islamabad and Lahore again Tuesday, arresting dozens more as they enforced Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf’s crackdown on judicial activism. With one in four lawyers now jailed and many judges detained in their homes, surrounded by soldiers, Pakistan’s judicial system is in lockdown three days after Musharraf suspended the constitution and declared a state of emergency.

Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto left Karachi for Islamabad Tuesday for meetings with other opposition leaders about how to respond to Musharraf’s declaration. Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry — fired by Musharraf Saturday — in a phone call to a gathering of lawyers urged them to go to “every corner of Pakistan and give the message that this is the time to sacrifice.” Musharraf’s declaration noted a “visible ascendancy in the activities of extremists and incidents of terrorist attacks” and it blamed a judiciary that was “at cross purposes” with his government’s efforts “to control this menace.”

Source: Asia

t1homeislamabadrallyap.jpg The political turmoil which is unfolding in Pakistan does not directly affect us in Barbados…or does it? Maybe we can draw one interesting parallel. We often take for granted the freedoms which we enjoy in Barbados. Maybe it explains why some people are willing to speak-out and to highlight the vulnerabilities which can appear in any democratic system of government from time to time. A read of the story quoted above immediately caused us to sympathize with our fellow world citizens who are literally giving their lives to ensure that freedoms which Barbadians currently enjoy they too can can live to experience. There is the perception that people who live in Asia are ‘bare-foot and ignorant’ and profiling does occur given the spin of our Western media when highlighting issues on the Asian continent.

We wish to assure our readers that this is far from the case.Some of the most intelligent people on the planet reside in Asia!

What has attracted our attention to the plight of the Pakistanis is the willingness of lawyers in that country to engage in ‘judicial activism’ now that President Musharraf has suspended the constitution of Pakistan. Although our system of government in Barbados is not threatened in the same way Pakistanis perceive theirs to be, we just wondered how fat and comfortable our professional groups in our society have become; including our lawyers, that they would be willing to put it all on the line ‘to fight and defend their honor’. Some people will of course suggest that we are not comparing apples with apples in the parallel we have chosen, but that is OK.

The purpose of this article is to provide a reality check for Barbadians and all those people who are fortunate to live in societies which have relatively free systems of government. Our freedoms have not occurred by accident and neither will they be sustained by accident.