UN official Claims 9-11 Was US Plot

Source : http://www.geo.tv/1-26-2011/77666.htm

NEW YORK: UN Human Rights official Richard Falk wrote on his blog that there had been an “apparent cover up” by American authorities.He added that most media were “unwilling to acknowledge the well-evidenced doubts about the official version of the events” on 9-11, despite it containing “gaps and contradictions”.

And he described David Ray Griffin, a conspiracy theorist highly regarded in the so-called “9-11 truth” movement, as a “scholar of high integrity” whose book on the subject was “authoritative”.

Ban Ki-Moon, the UN Secretary-General, described the comments as “preposterous” and “an affront to the memory of the more than 3,000 people who died in the attack.” But Ban said that it was not for him to decide whether Prof Falk, who serves the organization as a special investigator into human rights abuses in the Palestinian territories, should be fired by the UN.

Vijay Nambiar, Ban’s chief of staff, said this was up to the human rights council, a 47-nation body based in Geneva, Switzerland, that was created by the UN in 2006.

UN Watch, a pressure group that monitors the organisation, has called for Prof Falk to be sacked. Hilel Neuer, the group’s chief executive, described him as “a serial offender with zero credibility”.

The row came as the new Republican-led US Congress opened an inquiry into “urgent problems” with America’s contribution to the UN, including its membership of the human rights council.

Comments : After killing thousands of people ,with the help from Pakistan Army  and NATO, Pentagon/CIA still is not able to prove their claims about 9-11. War Crimes? War Tribunal? Justice for those who died on 9-11 and who died after that in the name of 9-11? UN Charter for Human Rights?This not a war against terror or terrorism. This is a war against humanity, justice and peace.

If we need a revolution or something , we need genuine thinkers and visionaries not so called hakims or so called spiritualists .

If we need a revolution or something , we need genuine thinkers and visionaries not so called hakims or so called spiritualists who copy the ideas re-mold them into their dirty deceptive agenda and use the names and work of great genuine people like Iqbal, Jinnah etc for their bogus agenda. I am seeing lots of good people following these deceivers just in the name of nationalism, patriotism etc .
My suggestion is to use your free mind and sense of justice so that you don’t get misguided by these so called nationalists.


Some of my friends on these views of mine against the war think that I support the terrorists for them I need to say:

Opposing the war doesn’t mean supporting the terrorists.

I consider both army and the suicide bombers or terrorists who are killing the innocent civilians as destroyers of peace and don’t find their actions as just.

The problem is when I oppose the war the “nationalists” think as if I am supporting the
terrorists in fact I am opposing the mess and pointing out to destroy the root cause.

I consider prime responsible for this mess are army and government and reason is they
brought an unwanted war on our land and people.

I oppose the killings of innocent civilians in suicide bombs and by army/air force bombings
but again I consider prime responsibility goes to the country institutions because they (means their key heads rest are just blind followers) created the mess for dollars and this mess has created terrorism.

It was army and government who breached the agreement made by Jinnah for dollars.

It was again army and government with allied forces in Afghanistan with their missile attacks and drone attacks destroyed three peace deals after 2004 .
Before this operation ISPR and Information ministry deliberately tried to mold the facts as if the agreements were broken by tribes but even former army generals like Asad Durrani rejected these claims.
Try to find out how “Neik Muhammad” got killed after the peace deal by USA missile attack and then look at the government reaction of owning it.

The terrorist activities can mainly be categorized as:

1) Revenge of the innocent killings by our forces here and Allied forces in Afghanistan.
Also our support in the form of giving supply route to NATO supplies and Drone attacks are playing it’s part as well.
2) Revenge and anger exploited by enemies of Pakistan but its our fault we are providing them the ground to play with.
3) Attacks like on Shariah academy,Peshawar and Benazir were done by players of weapon-blood-dollar game which includes enemies of Pakistan who want us to remain engaged in the war (so called allies in the so called war against terror) and their pets in our own ranks (politicians, military and civil establishment etc).

After the blast which killed Benazir Bhutto the place and all the evidence was washed within hours and a drama was created to link it with tribal situation which never got proved.
My question is who was being protected here?

4) Not to forget the ethnic and sectarian cards which Musharraf government played with their allied parties and groups to control power, they have also contributed a lot to this mess.

My questions are:

Can we support innocent killings in the name of nationalism?
Can we support injustice in the name of patriotism?
And after doing that can we expect peace?

It’s time to sort out the real problems

Recent attacks on civilians are not only horrible but highly condemnable but with all the condemnation and anger we need to sort out the real problems which have become the real cause of this mess.

The terrorist activities in Pakistan are a result of capitalist-imperialism, greed of
our leaders, absence of justice and lack of accountability of our institutions.

If we think that few thousand Talibans ( with all the disagreements and agreements with wrongs and rights of their system) or some other force can rule us then it means we
are admitting that our state structure is garbage and if you are talking about changing the culture or ideology by force…No chance.

The terrorist activities can mainly be categorized as:

1) Revenge of the innocent killings by our forces here and Allied forces in Afghanistan.Also
our support in the form of giving supply route to NATO supplies and Drone attacks are playing it’s part as well.
2) Revenge and anger exploited by enemies of Pakistan but its our fault we are providing them the ground to play with.
3) Attacks like on Shariah academy,Peshawar and Benazir were done by players of weapon-blood-dollar game which includes enemies of Pakistan who want us to remain engaged in the war (so called allies in the so called war against terror) and their pets in our own ranks (politicians, military and civil establishment etc).

4) Not to forget the ethnic and sectarian cards which Musharraf government played with their
allied parties and groups to control power, they have also contributed a lot to this mess.

The only solution is to bring system of justice, re-establishment of tribal institutions and accountability of institutions and leaders to fix the internal problems.

As far as the external part of the solution we need to tell USA and NATO to get out from Afghanistan and end this baseless war and if they don’t we need to come out of this war on our own, stop NATO supplies from Pakistan, stop Drone attacks by any means and convey the Pros of peace and Cons of this war to the the rest of the world.

Why they don’t try the accused?

It is infuriating to see some officials acting as if they can get away with insulting the intelligence of the whole world simply by using emotional blackmail over the 09/11 incident which now seems less tragic in comparison with what has been unleashed on the world since then.

“Tortured 9/11 suspect may never be prosecuted: Pentagon official,” is the headline on Yahoo! News today. While making such chilling and uncivilized statemenets as that “sustained isolation, sleep deprivation, nudity and prolonged exposure to cold” are all authorized “interrogation procedures,” Ms. Susan Crawford tries to become a champion of human rights by stating that in the case of the alleged “20th Hijacker of 09/11”, these techniques were stretched a bit too far and therefore she has decided, oh so benevolently, that the “suspect” should not be brought to trial!

Can we think of a greater insult to intelligence? Rather than admitting that after prolonged captivity and torture, and after ransacking half of the civilized world (arguably, all of which may now be seen as lying outside the US), the US authorities have failed to bring any shred of evidence in an important case related to 09/11? Incidentally, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui will also not be tried but, we are supposed to believe, for a different reason.

The pattern is becoming clearer: Pick them up and build hype in the media, grab some more oil wells, confiscate some more land from an Asian country, and then release the victim. Case dismissed, hope the world will forget.

Justice denied to 529 Missing Persons of Pakistan–>An open letter by Mrs. Amina Masood to General Kiyani

The following email was sent to General Kayani’s son so that he could forward it to his father.

This is a follow up on the Open Letter to General Kayani by Mrs. Amina Masood Janjua, from Defence of Human Rights asking for an official statement on the missing people with their charges and tried before the independent pre-Nov 3rd Judiciary. The ultimatum was 15th March, which has passed, and now cases for release of these people will be registered in international courts since Pakistan is unable to provide them justice.

To journalists and bloggers: While I understand the news piece may have some difficulty in getting published, please try your best to spread the word for the innocent missing people and their affected family members. This is the least we can do to condemn this heinous crime of the current regime.

In Solidarity,
Ryzwan Ullah Shaikh

 Email message from Mrs. Amina Masoor (From Emergency mailing list)


From: Amina Masood
Date: Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 1:12 AM
Subject: Justice denied to 529 Missing Persons of Pakistan
Dear Sarosh, AOA  Please forward it to your respectable father because there is other way I can access him.I will be truly greatful to you. You may be or may be not aware of the

 most tortureing and painful issue of our Nation , It is the fundamental human rights concern

 of those honorable citizens of Pakistan who have been picked up by our agencies ,later on

 either sold to USA or Rienditioned to unknown locations held by CIA detentions.Few lucky

ones are with our own agencies ,they either die within the custody not able to bear the

torture or being released when they are mentally collpsed and good for nothing.Their

numbers with me are 529 today,but International Human rights groups say they are thousands more.Here is a chance for you to prove you care for you poor aggrieved Nation.  Please play your role in this hour of need and turmoil for your Pakistani bretheren.  Warm regards  

Amina Masood Janjua


Open Letter to Pakistan Chief of Army Staff Gen. Kayani

The International Campaign to Restore Democracy in Pakistan (crdpnow.org) and partnering organizations demand that Pakistan Chief of Army Staff Gen. Kayani submit a list of all the held detainees kept illegally by the intelligence and military forces under his jurisdiction.  A majority of Pakistan’s judiciary was dismissed on November 3rd when President Musharraf imposed martial law in the guise of “emergency.” On November 13th, Pakistan’s Supreme Court was due to hear the cases of 485 victims of enforced disappearance over the past six years. Many of these had returned with horror stories from detainment centers around the world, including the one in Guantanamo Bay. The campaign demands the release of all those who are innocent and so that their missing status can be changed and family contact can be established. The families of victims of enforced disappearances demand that the COAS’s office issue a list of the names and charges of all Pakistanis held under extrajudicial detainment on account of actions taken by the army and intelligence forces under his command. In the weeks before March 15th, the deadline announced for the release of the names and charges of all detainees, this joint effort by Defense of Human Rights (DHR) and the International Campaign to Restore Democracy in Pakistan (CRDP) will investigate the evidence against all individuals associated with the government of Pakistan who may have authorized and carried out these abductions.  The campaign will also consult with its partners in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Pakistan to develop a strategy to take immediate legal action against all parties responsible for these disappearances if no response is received from General Kayani’s office by March 15th. The Defense of Human Rights welcomes the campaign’s statement. Since September, 2001, thousands of valuable citizens are picked and kept in illegal detention where they are being tortured and interrogated, beyond the pale of the Rule of Law.  Defense of Human Rights invites General Kayani to bring all such detainees to justice, release them all and submit a list of names of all those which are kept with Army or its Intelligence Agencies. We demand that those accused should be tried in open Courts, let their families contact them and have legal aid of their choice according to rule of Law. The Army Act Amendment implemented retroactively to justify illegal activities of intelligence agencies and try civilians in Army Courts will not be acceptable. In the absence of any acceptable response from your office before the proposed deadline of March 15th, 2008 the families of the victims of enforced disappearance have pledged to observe the following course of action: 

  1. We will launch our struggle abroad where 520 cases of Enforced disappearances would be refiled for Justice.
  1. In the absence of an independent judiciary prepared to hear our cases,” the Defence of Human Rights will seek justice in international tribunals of justice.
  2. We will mobilize students to spearhead a Pakistan-wide campaign on behalf of the victims.
  3. The families of victims will travel all over Pakistan in all the major cities and launch a massive series of protests demonstrations.

 Amina Masood JanjuaAnchor PersonDefence of Human RightsCell: 0301-5240550

Office No: 051-5511686

Note:The letter above refers to the case which became the main cause of differences between the Musharraf administration and the Supreme Court of Pakistan(which took notice of the missing persons situation and was trying to give them justice).

“Terrorist Activities in Pakistan and US-War on Terror”

Pakistan’s strategic location makes it almost impossible for the country to keep itself away from the events all over the world. 9-11 2001 attacks on world trade centre towers in New York lead Pakistan to a situation in which it had to take a U-turn on its successful Afghan policy and they had to pull off their support for the pro-Pakistan Taliban government.

The legitimacy of the war is not only criticized by many in Pakistan and all over the world but the debate is also a hot topic in USA itself whether the 9-11 attacks are the job of al-Qaida or it’s an insider job .

According to former Italian president, Francesco Cossiga:”[Bin Laden supposedly confessed] to the Al-Qaida September [attack] to the two towers in New York [claiming to be] the author of the attack of the 11, while all the [intelligence services] of America and Europe … now know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the CIA American and the Mossad with the aid of the Zionist world in order to put under accusation the Arabic Countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part … in Iraq [and] Afghanistan.”

Nevertheless Pakistan government took a position of frontline state in the war and now it is facing the brunt of it and also in that war on terror Pakistan was forced to send its troop in the northern parts of its country.

Now after a brief background come to the real topic, the terrorist activities in Pakistan.

Though first suicide attack in Pakistan occurred even before 9-11 in 1995 when an Egyptian bomber smashed his explosives-laden truck into the embassy of Egypt which killed 14 people.

The recent suicide bombing row started from 2002 attacks on French engineers and scientists who were in Pakistan to work on the nuclear submarine project, the blame was put on al-Qaida and its allies in Pakistan ( as a reaction of its role in the war on terror), after that a series of suicide bombings in Pakistan started in which hundreds of people have been killed including the former prime minister Benazir Bhutto and also several high profile leaders including President Musharraf, former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, military personnel and foreigners were attacked in the similar manner.

Some points to ponder

Whenever there is a chance of peace truce being signed or even after signing the agreement between local tribesmen in Waziristan and Pakistan Army some similar pattern activities occur.

1) Us strikes in the tribal areas (like the recent one is February 28th one and just one month ago on 29th January)

2) Pakistan Government denies such attacks by foreign forces and claims whatever actions are being taken in the area are being conducted by Pakistan forces and thus taking the blame on their shoulder (and event they face the mass public pressure they just give a weak foreign office condemnation)

3) Suicide attacks in civilian and military areas of Pakistan (like the one on 2nd March on peace jirga).

4) Then peace talks break, like it has happened twice this year and even before that in 2006 and 2007(the Damadola USA strikes attack etc).

5) During that period several tribal leaders and religious scholars who were actively working for the peace negotiations were being targeted and removed from the scene.

These repetitive set of events and the relation between the events have lead to the rise of the thought which is prevailing very quickly that USA is involved in these activities because it wants to weaken the only nuclear Muslim state.

Recent statement by Interior Minister Hamid Nawaz Khan that people in Pakistan feel that India, Afghanistan and USA are involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan, may have fueled the US officials but the ground reality doesn’t deny this.

We must not forget that many Indian RAW agents have been arrested for their involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan and also it is now well clear that BLA (Baluchistan Liberation Army ) was well supported by India and Israel (with US-backing and approval).

Also we should not neglect the statement given by Robert Gates in December 2007:

“Al-Qaida right now seems to have turned its face toward Pakistan and attacks on the Pakistani government and Pakistan people.”

We must ask ourselves, “Can we keep our eyes close from the facts? What does the history and prevailing facts tell us. It’s time to learn from the history or get ready to be a forgotten part of it.”

It is clearly evident that USA is again interfering in our political matters ( and our respectful and democratic leaders are allowing it to happen or in fact willingly want them to get involved), we as a society put pressure on our leader to act as true leaders not slaves of Imperialist and Zionist powers.

We should at least ask ourselves, for what we are fighting? And whose cause we are serving? We have put on stake our national integrity and honor, for what? We have damaged our Kashmir cause, for what? We are killing our own people, for what? We toppled our institutions (even the most important one, the judiciary), for what? We disgraced our national hero, for what?

For that so called war on terror whose legitimacy is has become a question mark not only in the whole world but in USA as well.

And our dictator still claims that his actions are in the broader national interest of Pakistan.

Can someone tell me which Pakistan?

It’s surely not the one which was founded by our ancestors.

May be Musharraf wants to make a new Pakistan, “George Ka Pakistan”.

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