Karachi Election Fraud Issue

Living in the city of Karachi for more than 25 years is enough for me to know how elections work in Karachi. In Karachi, we don’t have any kind of proper election process. Bogus votes, forced voting, on day rigging and creating an environment of fear to hijack elections and the city. MQM,ANP and PPP blame each other for terrorism, extortion and election frauds, and at the same time they are sitting in the government as allies. These three parties keep the game between them by exploiting ethnic differences and in reality they are allies and partners in status-quo. We have seen examples of 12 May 2007, 27 December 2007 or 9 April 2009 and how MQM, ANP and PPP destroyed the peace of Karachi.

In recent Supreme Court case on Karachi voter lists we are seeing some interesting things coming out. In an instance, a 200 yards house in NA 251 has 639 registered voters. The 200 yards house “Kashana e Zaheer”, in Karachi with 639 registered voters, should be declared a monument of election fraud and the ignorance of people who still love these extortionist mafias.

Some blind voters of MQM, ANP and PPP say that why their parties are being criticized. My answer to them is that if they want to live like sheeple or insects then its their choice, others might want to live like dignified human beings.

Below is the link of an interesting program on the issue having a discussion Farogh Naseem (MQM), Dr. Arif Alvi (PTI) and Nasarullah Shajee (JI):


Remembering Musharraf : 2007 worst year for Pakistan

This one is for Mushis apologists and narrow-minded people who are mentally retarded enough to still praying and hoping for Musharraf’s return. 2007 was the worst year for Pakistan which damaged the federation and economy . Still its impacts are going on with growing severity day by day. People see the growing tree but don’t see where the roots are.Musharraf played sectarian, ethnic and social class cards to his favor which still serve for him to get some support. This approach has destroyed our social fabric. 

‎1- 31st March 2007 attempt to remove the CJP in a ridiculous manner:

A real insulting attack on Judiciary, weakened the already weakened institution.

2- 12th May 2007 Karachi violence:

An attempt to kill CJP and an attempt to create a civil war type situation between ethnic groups. Purpose was divide people and extend his rule.

3- 3rd July 2007 Lal Masjid Operation:

It was done to dilute the impact of First Lawyers Movement and to give sectarian and social class color to this war against terror so that it can be owned by a wide section of our society. The consequences are still being felt as now after this operation this war has become more brutal and intensity has increased to highest level. It was part of Mushi’s expand the war and extend the rule policy. The logics, like Masjid e Zarrar or Takfeeri or Sufi/Wahabi division, which were floated in the masses to justify the operation later proved to be really damaging for our society as many who opposed the operation used the same logics to justify their brutal actions. This started a new row of suicide bombings and terrorism and a new sectarian war started with it.

4- 3rd November 2007 Martial Law:

It was another brutal attack on constitution, judiciary, media, lawyers, civil society and everyone who was against the illegal regime of Musharraf, his unconstitutional actions and violations of human rights.This action brought Pakistan’s economy to its knees. The economic structure of Mushi and Shortcut Aziz was fake and based on fictitious economy so economy started to collapse further (collapse already started in early 2007).

5- 27 December 2007 Benazir Murder:

Mushi and his partners decided to remove Benazir from the scene. It brought Zardari as new Chairman of PPP through an allegedly fake will. Benazir and Mushi had a deal arranged by USA,UK and Pakistan Army which broke when Mushi imposed 3rd November Martial Law and also Mushi never wanted Benazir to share his rule with Benazir and also he was afraid that Benazir might not be able to do things for him which he wanted like a clean and safe exit. Zardari was given PPP and NRO in return for Mushi’s security and later this helped the smiling wicked person to become Pakistan’s President. But Zardari gave Mushi a safe exit and now due to his incompetency or probably planning Mushi is trying to come back in Pakistani politics.

Its hard to say how long our country will face the aftermath of Musharraf's evil tenure.

12 May Black Day—>The day to remember the spirits of those who died for the cause of justice in Pakistan


On 12 May 2007 ,Pakistan saw one of the most brutal government sponsored terrorism on the streets of Karachi.

The day on which the Chief Justice of Pakistan (The genuine one not the false one like dogar) Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary arrived in Karachi to address the Karachi Bar but was barred to go along with his lawyers to go outside the Karachi airport.

Outside the airport government set a stage to terrorise the civil society,lawyers,political workers and everyone who wanted to welcome the true CJ of Pakistan by invoking a massacre on the roads and streets of Karachi with the help of then the ruling parties in Sind.

more than 40 people died on that day of terror and brutality.

May Allah bless those souls and bless this country.


May 12 victim vows to ‘sacrifice more’ for CJP Chaudhry


Twenty-seven-year-old Mohammad Kamil spends day and night on a charpoy for the pre-PCO Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, “because he is the only person who could provide justice,” Kamil said. He is wheelchair-bound, and said that if he were able to walk again, he would sacrifice more for the CJP — someone he has never met.

Kamil was attacked by armed men inside a mosque in the Malir Halt near the Ranger’s office on May 12, 2007. He was lying there for around four hours before being taken for treatment. He said around 250 people, including six women, had taken shelter inside the mosque and locked its door.

A worker of the Awami National Party (ANP) said he along with his friend, Ishaq, had arrived there at around 11:30am when several gunmen carrying grenades and G-3 rifle attacked them. “Ishaq was hit on his head and died there instantly,” he said, adding that he ran towards the mosque but he was hit on the back, resulting in critical injuries.

Kamil, a factory worker, is the father of two children. He said he used to earn Rs6,000 (including Rs2,000 as overtime) at the factory. “Now I am penniless,” he said. His son, aged six years, had abandoned studies at school because of lack of fee and he got him admitted in a Madressa.

He remained hospitalised for 22 days and added that the party helped him for treatment by giving him Rs75, 000.

He said now a doctor in Nazimabad demanded over Rs4m for his treatment. Kamil said his uncle approached the doctor as to whether his nephew would be able to walk after treatment. The doctor replied that he could not give guarantee in this regard. “My uncle suggested to me that it would not be advisable for spending a huge amount of money on treatment without any assurance of recovery,” Kamil said, adding that since then he was relying on God to help him. He said the government had not provided him any promised compensation.

Another wounded, Ahmed, 18, recalled that a “blast” had injured him near the Malir Halt. “I was being taken in an ambulance when gunmen attacked it,” he said. They attacked the ambulance driver on the head and he died. “They got hold of us and beat us for four hours,” he said. “When we became unconscious, they left us assuming that we were dead,” Ahmed said. He also complained lack of compensation.

But he said a man, Noor Hussain, who was injured along with him had been given Rs125,000 by the government. —IA