11 May PTI protests against 2013 election rigging

I am against recent troop worship and irrational pseudo-nationalist mindset shown by PTI but I wish good luck to my friends who are taking part in anti-rigging protests today. I also condemn Punjab government and PMLN for blocking areas and using harassment as a tool to stop protesters.

Almost everyone know what happened in 2013 elections. 11 May 2013 elections were a mockery of everything we know about proper elections. It was another establishment drama played with the help of feudal-corporatist political elite. Some sections of media and judiciary to some extent also failed to respond properly towards the rigging.

Protests are also part of democracy and a sign of a living society. Using tax payer’s money to forcefully stop protesters is a sign of a tyrant government. Nawaz Sharif and his Mughal emperor type attitude is not going to do any good for the country.

I hope things will be good for the people of Pakistan in future.