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PTI’s Waziristan Peace March on 7th October 2012

PTI has scheduled a peace march to Waziristan. Waziristan has been a target of unjust and illegal drone attacks from USA (supported by Pakistani government and army) and military operations.

People of the area are living in misery for last decade due to this unwanted and imported war which only serves the purpose of greedy ruling elite and their foreign masters. It is good to see that media and human rights organizations have shown their interest in joining this cause for peace and justice.

Pakistani military establishment and government are trying their best to sabotage the peace march and so the peace process in order to ensure that the interests of their foreign masters remain in tact. Denying visas and issuing threat warnings are attempts to demoralize people who want to serve this cause for justice. It is a high time for all peace and justice loving people to come forward and help this peace initiative in whatever way they can.

We support PTI’s Waziristan Peace March on 7th October 2012 and pray for their success and safety.


  1. September 30, 2012 at 6:55 am

    Why not they will move towards GHQ specially at that time when core commander conference is going to held. Right time right direction and right place from where all drone attack permission is granted to US forces.Khan try to create impression of bravery which is not possible in my land without the permission of establishment and this march is only possible if they give him consent to put pressure on US officials in USA.Here he is least bothered to attack on Kiyani who is controlling this drone attack and NATO supply pact in his desk.

    • faisal
      October 6, 2012 at 12:47 pm

      I think at least they are trying to give a message to FATA people that we in other parts of the country care about them and also consider them as humans. . Tribal areas became part of Pakistan through some agreements and it was Pakistan Army which violated these agreements. Technically tribal people have full right to demand freedom but at least they have not yet gone for this option. We should try to show them that we care about them before they repeat 71 in northern Pakistan.

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