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Think before its too late (again)

Ever wondered why Bengalis who played a leading role in the creation of Pakistan took a separate path? Try and see why the people of Waziristan who made Azad Kashmir possible are now fighting against the state or why Balochis who chose Pakistan are now feeling dissatisfaction with the country then you will find some answers. I believe an assessment without any prejudice or nationalism will reveal that its not them who were or are at the wrong end.

It seems that words like treason, blasphemy or crime itself are reserved for weak and oppressed. The ones who often don’t follow the herd become eligible of being called as deviants or misguided. It is a shame that those sitting in the highest echelons of power or so called highest levels of political or religious orders have attained the right to determine right and wrong with an absolute sense of being the bearer of truth despite selling their souls many times to their lust for power and wealth. People digest the destruction of several villages or towns just because someone from them said that he doesn’t accept the system which has enslaved them. But don’t bother to ask those who execute the punishment that how many times they have violated the oath they take to protect the constitution? How many times they have attacked our freedom? How many times they have allowed their land to be used as a base for invading others and our own country? Blind people still follow these so called men of power and honor and call their blind following as Nationalism, Patriotism or Loyalty to the Land or Nation. Many of those who don’t follow these rhetoric are victims of their sectarian and social class prejudices and yet they are known as liberals. So called pious and religious have considered the meanings of being religious as being invaders of others privacy and freedom. No doubt we are in a mess and going deeper into it daily.

Attitude towards the people of Pashtoon areas during Eid times is another classic example and then we expect them to be patriotic. People don’t accept their Eid (right or wrong, for me its not important than respecting their decision for their-selves), they are being killed because they don’t fit to international plans, drones are allowed to bomb them just because they are different in culture or customs or sects, many don’t want them as so called usual participants in the makeup of our societies then why the heck it is necessary to keep them forcefully as a part of our country when they are so undesirable. Let the separation be done for good. Borders or contracts or NICs are not important as compared to respect, freedom, justice and equal status as human beings.

Even the term terrorist has different meanings here in Pakistan. Term “terrorists”, in war on terror in Pakistan, expanded from Al-quaida members to Alqaida+Talibans, then it moved to tribesmen and later to Pashtoons. It then turned sectarian and their whole sects were termed terrorists and then anyone who opposed this war was labeled with this term either as terrorists or supporter of terrorism. A new dictionary meaning has been given to the term based on sect, ethnicity, customs or way of life. The interesting part is that those who were defining terrorism were involved, as executives or supporters, in the bombing of civilian population or violations of human rights.

Pakistan lost its eastern part just after 24 years of freedom and now it is again facing a critical situation. We need to think where we are and where we want to go ahead and how we want to go ahead before its too late (again).

  1. August 28, 2012 at 9:10 am

    At this moment thinking is not enough but just act before it is too as it has already been too late.

    • united4justice
      August 28, 2012 at 1:50 pm

      Agree and I am not sure how much time do we have before all actions will become useless. Though I believe even if it is too late, we always have a chance to turn around the situation but not sure if this belief will go on for too long.

  2. August 29, 2012 at 8:56 am

    Last week I visited medressahs of mountain areas of KPK.Where I had meetings with kids who are being trained for long times to be future beggar.They are taught to recite hamad and Naat in front of tourists, or roadside people and demand money.On asking they told me that their maulvis shahib said that this way you would earn place in jannat along with your family.Their respective mullhas fully get share of money from these kids.Roughly I found almost 50 medressha around galiat of KPK is this job is happening.I tried to meet some police men and local people that why no one was raising voices against this acts where mushrooms growths of religious beggars are being prepared.All were dumb on my stance.I also tried to give counseling to some groups of children but I am sure it didn’t worth as system is pushing them towards beggary on the name of Allah and Prophet.So I think we have been too late as it was/is all being done under Musharf /ANP govt respectively who always claim that they are secular people.

    • united4justice
      August 29, 2012 at 2:56 pm

      Thats where I think war has struck more. Not only war takes people into mental chaos and takes away the ability to think with reason but also it throws more and more people into poverty. What you saw were professional groups of beggars who were posing as madrissahs, if it would ve been a different environment then they could ve taken the form of some other charity or social organization. Thing is to come out of this mess and I believe in KPK at least it starts from coming out of this war. Corruption, mismanagement etc are also important factors in this type of crisis.

  3. August 30, 2012 at 5:59 am

    No no that is area of Pakistan where still germs of war and terrorism is not seen but what I am highlighting you are signs of what is seeding there for some reason.Each Gali of KPK has military and police check post and all kind of top class guest houses of all major cores of army a, govt and political icons are located there.
    This is hazra community dominant areas but for last 5 years puktton from illiterate backgrounds but filthy rich are shifting here along with migrants of affected areas of Pakistan. The dangerous trend is mushroom growth of these medressahs and their acts which I highlighted in above comment that is very very alarming but why all groups are silent I ahve no clue about it.

  4. September 2, 2012 at 8:44 am

    Imam masjid’ Khalid Jadoon, who after getting the case registered against Rimsha Maseeh had mysteriously disappeared and was arrested last night, as he allegedly himself put the holy verses into the ashes of the pages for strengthening the case against Rimsha
    this is what I am trying to communicate you via my last days experience.

    • united4justice
      September 2, 2012 at 10:32 am

      This reflects that like other so called secular or liberal education system, some religious institutions are also producing junk. Its not just a case with one particular social class, just look at fake doctors, fake degree holder parliamentarians, some third class lawyers or some good for nothing scientists or engineers. I know there are many who are good or genuine but we also know there is a good deal of junk in all areas. A free market with rule of law approach is required to not only work for economy but for education and other systems too. In fact if you go to very core it boils down to economic issues and then social issues relate with them.

      • united4justice
        September 2, 2012 at 10:32 am

        In absence of a market based merit system, even sub-standard stuff can be sold.

  5. September 3, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    You think that in economic deprivation areas people are demotivated or activated towards violence through this religious theme.?
    But unlikely to this all religions of world come into being under extreme suppression in deprived areas.Actually the religion’s real purpose is come to calm down the rejected and suppressed people.For them God’s power is the sole reason of their regrets and shortcomings.Those who get economic satisfaction through their brain skills stop trusting on God ‘s power and for them God’s status in more than an unseen authority that might be seen after death and for them religious modes are complementary as per demand of society norms.
    So in actually practice religion should play an important role in subjected or deprive areas to align the people’s character through God’s orders.But history proved that religion is all time used to bully weak groups and dominant groups all time got favors through mending religious themes toward their power eccentric system..

    • united4justice
      September 3, 2012 at 2:54 pm

      Its not religion, its the concept of controlling everything from one center whether it is being done by using concepts like socialism, communism or exploiting race. In Pakistan, thanks to martial laws and feudal culture, different social classes have developed a feeling that to survive they must capture the center and to capture the center they must fight and defeat the others. This centralization concept has root causes in economics structure. Through a decentralized model of economy, legislation and governance, and by minimizing the size of the government, this concentration of power concept can be changed. Two things are key here to achieve an effective decentralized model based on merit based efficient market economy:

      a) Minimizing the size of state (not country borders) and keeping state to the areas where it is absolutely necessary (if at all required)
      b) Going for Rule of Law based on justice approach instead of Rule of government/mafias/establishment approach we see now

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