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Aafia Siddiqui Issue–>Shameful attempt by some anchors to give it another twist using the same old nationality rant

Recently some anchors, including reputed anchor like Kamran Khan (Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Sath host) and not so reputed anchor Sana Bucha (Lekin host), have tried to show that Aafia Siddiqui is an American national or she is a dual national. Aafia’s family has repeatedly denied these allegations. It was also interesting to see that how an international lawyer like Ahmer Bilal Sufi (also affiliated with PILDAT) didn’t discuss the real aspect of the case i.e. her abduction and reasons behind her abduction.

My views on this issue are that dual national or not, the reality is that she was illegally abducted from Pakistani soil and she was a daughter of a Pakistani family. This is a ridiculous argument again trying to cash in false nationalism over single nationality or dual nationality which is not proved and most importantly was never contested in USA court in fake Afia trial. They also didn’t discuss the main accusation on the media on her i.e. her links with Al-Qaida as they didn’t have enough grounds for that. Shame on these social class fascists.

How can you allow someone to be abducted without due process if that person (national or not) has entered legally in Pakistan? The case on her was prosecuted for a stupid charge that she snatched gun from USA marines and then in the process got shot herself. No finger prints were there on the gun as was admitted by US official who gave the testimony in the case.

Apparently the momentum is being created to make a ground for the release of Dr. Shakeel afridi.

It is really shameful how things are being presented in the media. Either it is an act or irresponsibility and lack of prudence or lack of honesty, in both cases media organizations should see the professionalism standard of their anchors and opinion makers. Civil society should raise the issue on any forum.

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  1. July 29, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    Kindly tell me why US is so much against afia siddique and trying hard to save dr afridi.
    Do you still deny that family of Afai siddique was part of promoting jihad culture in Karachi circle since the time of Zia.They did all under JI.None of JI top leaders were/are even persecuted by any Pakistani or US agency.Many JI leaders family are enjoying lives in US and even Afia’s brother has no problem of living in US for last 20 years. So why giant CIA is chasing a weak women to prove their credibility in front of local and foreign media.
    How much drama was created by her family about his children and both daughters have returned safely to their aunt and their accents tell that they were living in US .

    • united4justice
      July 30, 2012 at 9:11 am

      The problem is mostly with CIA/ISI’s abduction network in Pakistan. If she comes to Pakistan and the kind of hype her case has got then its a good chance that those who are involved in this would get exposed. She got he because she was a lady otherwise there were several males who got abducted due to wrong profiling and some of them got released but quietly living due to threats to family but her case is really high profile and it will be hard to shut her down like others (they tried to threaten the family but it didn’t work). If you ask me (and probably others) then apart from humanitarian angle, this reason of exposing the network is also a reason to back Aafia movement.

      Her kids lived in USA and even the family of Aafia/Fauzia Siddiqui lived in USA but it doesn’t justify her abduction from Pakistani soil.

      The thing about promoting Jihad etc are mostly social class/sectarian prejudices. People have the right to support any political agenda or party or movement, they only become criminals if they commit a crime. Having political views is not a crime.

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