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Another Conspiracy by Government against Supreme Court and Chief Justice

Another attack on SC and CJP using his incompetent son. As long as CJP himself is not directly involved, we will keep supporting SC and CJP. We know how these Malik Riazs,Musharrafs,Zardaris and their evil likes play these dirty games.

It was expected that govt. is trying to make a situation like march 2007 to waste more time. this case might give enough time for govt. to drag the cases till next elections. people should be aware that CJ’s son is not CJP himself so his actions are his individual actions and who knows why the money was given for? may be CJ’s son is not morally as strong as CJP and was being trapped using money or may be the money is for something not related to CJP duties.

Justice loving people in Pakistan should back Supreme Court of Pakistan on this and don’t give any chance of winning to the forces of evil destroying the country.

These evil minds should know that no matter how good they plan but Allah is the best of planners and inshaAllah truth and justice will win against corruption and tyranny.


Washington: Renowned journalist and Pakistan’s largest news group’s editor Shaheen Sehbai has claimed that soon a scandal is likely to surface against the Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhery’s son.

On a famous video site Sehbai unveiled this shocking revelation while apparently giving an interview.

He said “CJ’s son was given up to Rs400 million in a planned conspiracy. The conspiracy is now completed and can be brought to surface anytime.”

According to Shaheen Sehbai CJ’s son received millions of rupees plus sponsored foreign trips with credit cards to be used abroad for him and his family from a famous business tycoon of Pakistan. “There are quite a few people in Pakistan whose earnings are in billions of rupees and who can easily invest in such conspiracy plans. The person who I am referring to has relationships with military and politicians likewise. Nowadays he is very close to government,” he added.

Sehbai further said “I received this info from a very credible source. The person, who gave money to CJ’s son, had accepted it. They have documented everything. CJ’s son has also accepted receiving money in his private gatherings. He is ready to go to jail if it requires.”

However, Sehbai said that the details of the business for which this huge money was lent to CJ’s son is still unknown. “Few years back Musharaf (Former president of Pakistan) put charges on Iftikhar Ch that he misused his authority to provide his son a job. So how can a job seeker become such a brilliant businessman in just few years that people gave him millions? Therefore, it was a planned conspiracy,” Sehbai added.

He also said that CJ Iftikhar Muhammad Ch is very angry on this matter. “CJ said to his close friends that he will sidelined his family,” Shaheen continued.

The famous news group’s editor also said that famous journalists including Najam Sethi, Kamran Khan and Hamid Mir were aware of the whole matter. He also said that Aitzaz Ahsan, Qamar-uz-Zaman Kaira and other Pakistan Peoples Party’s top leadership were also aware of this conspiracy but just could not ‘find courage to bring it up.’

Interestingly, according to Shaheen Sehbai Pakistan tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI)’s chief Imran Khan was among those few who knew about it.

Not to forget that following the Prime Minster’s contempt of court verdict Imran Khan gave messages to Supreme Court and CJ in his speeches that nation will stand by him (CJ).

Here is the video link of Shaheen Sehbai’s interview:


  1. Raza
    June 6, 2012 at 10:25 am

    To the current breed of JIALLA’S, blind folded as ever……..

    Laga k aag sehar ko baadshah ne yeh kaha
    utha hay dil maen aj shok tahashe ka nahut,

    jukha k sar ko sabhi shah parast bool uthe
    hazoor ka shok salamat rahe, sher aur bahut

    • united4justice
      June 7, 2012 at 7:40 am

      now matter how cleverly they plan their evil acts, inshaAllah truth and justice will win

  2. Inayatullah mian
    June 15, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    Misl pairaahin-e- gul phir sey badan chaak hoyay,
    Jaisay apnon ke kamaanon main ho aghyaar kay teer;
    Ess sey pehlay bhi hua chaand-e-muhabbat ka do-neem,
    Naok-e-dushna sey kichhi thee meri dharti pey lakeer;

    Aaj aisay nahi, aisa nahi honay daina,
    Aye meray saokhtah jano, meray pyaray logo;
    Kisi ghaasib, kisi zaalim, kisi qaatil kailiyay,
    Khud ko taqseem na karna, meray saaray logo!

    May Allah rid Pakistan of the crazed power-&-money thirstyband, the fanatical intolerent clique, the looters, the cunning hypocrites, and the disloyal.

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