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Missing persons’ case

Source : http://www.thenews.com.pk/02-11-2010/Top-Story/1746.htm

By Ansar Abbasi

 ISLAMABAD: The case of newly discovered 11 missing persons, presently being heard by the Supreme Court, is yet another reminder of how callously intelligence agencies of the country operate without showing any respect to rule of law.
The saga of missing persons seems to be getting more and more complicated with every passing day as the governments, whether federal or provincial, political parties and parliament are simply incapable or indifferent to providing the needed support to the Supreme Court to keep intelligence agencies under check and to make them behave as per the law of the land.
Illyas Siddiqui, the attorney of these 11 persons, insists that the Lahore High Court had ordered the release of these 11 persons on July 21, and on July 28, the orders of the court were received by the Adiyala Jail’s superintendent but instead of releasing them, the jail authorities handed them over to intelligence agencies on July 29, from the main gate of the jail. He also referred to a video evidence to prove his point.
Siddiqui did not precisely name as to which intelligence agency had abducted these persons, all of whom were acquitted in terrorism cases, including rocket attack on the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra, anti-aircraft shots fired at a plane carrying former President Pervez Musharraf and suicide attacks on the bus of an intelligence agency in Rawalpindi and at the main entrance of the GHQ.
A deputy attorney general told the apex court that none of the three leading intelligence agencies — ISI, MI and IB — have in their custody any of these missing persons. The Punjab government authorities also don’t admit that the acquitted persons were handed over to any of the intelligence agencies but say that all the persons were released as per the high court’s order.
The then Home Secretary, Nadeem Hasan Asif, said that after their acquittal by the court in terrorism cases, the Punjab government, on the recommendation of CID, kept them under detention, initially under Maintenance of Public Order (MPO) and later by invoking the Anti-Terrorism Act.
But when the LHC set aside these detention orders, Nadeem told The News, the jail authorities were asked to release all the acquitted persons. When asked, Nadeem said that none of the intelligence agencies, including ISI, MI and IB, had approached him either to keep these persons under detention or hand them over to the spy agencies.
On the files of the provincial government, all these detainees were released from the Adiyala Jail. However, when they were to be released, quite a reasonable number of their relatives were waiting outside the Adiyala Jail to receive their acquitted relatives. The superintendent and the deputy superintendent of Adiyala Jail have already been arrested from the Supreme Court following the court’s order.
No matter what the government files read, some of the provincial government authorities do believe that these 11 persons would have been in the illegal custody of the intelligence agencies.
Six out of these 11 persons are those who were acquitted in a case of attack on the ISI bus near Hamza Camp on the morning of November 24, 2007, killing 17 persons and injuring 35 others. According to media reports, the Punjab Police had held the intelligence agencies responsible for their acquittal on grounds of non-cooperation and mishandling of the case.
The report said that these six people were first picked up by intelligence agencies and were latter handed over to the Punjab Police after almost nine months of detention with not a single evidence provided to police and the spy agencies even refused to share any information gathered from the illegal detainees. These reports were carried by the national press in June this year and neither the Punjab Police nor the ISPR or any intelligence agency had rebutted the news.

  1. November 4, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    The report said that these six people were first picked up by intelligence agencies and were latter handed over to the Punjab Police after almost nine months of detention with not a single evidence provided to police and the spy agencies even refused to share any information gathered from the illegal detainees.

    When ISI bus was attacked the first man reached there was Brigadier sajjad.Station commander of Pindi area.He knew all about this investigations or events related to its investigation.Soon after his retirement he is given lucrative post specially and forcibly created in FFC head office by bypassing many deserving officers in queue.
    So the official who didn’t provide a single evidence on such terrorism or like many others are granting for what kind of duty?
    Think little and you would get the answer.There is no need to follow the wrong propaganda.
    There is one rule in our country to judge what is happening around us.
    Never bother or think deeply for what officials are trying to show us through media and ISPR but try to probe what they are trying to hide from us under such dirty acts.

  2. November 4, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    try to go through my personal observation while living in pindi areas during time of high terrorism.

  3. united4justice
    November 5, 2010 at 10:07 pm

    this is most unfortunate that we jump into a war , destroyed everything we had, broke every law of our country and still we dont knwo the endo of it or the purpose of it.

    yes totally agree where you are referring. this whole setup is fake , full of liars and deceivers. traitors who hold the right to declare others as patriot but themselves are biggest traitors.

  4. November 6, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    One more thing which I am sure that those messing person were directly or indirectly invloved in double or triple games played under ISI.Therefore for last 5 years record number of ISI officers were also arrested who actively played role in the training and movement of alqaida groups.
    But nobody touched hameed gul naseerullah babar or any ex ISI chiefs
    Attack on Lahore ISI building was reaction of such arrests as even 1122 officials were not informed that nearby building belong to ISI and same day ISI chief was there for some kind of secret meeting.
    So missing people are ditched people by their ex bosses in the same ditch which our agencies has dug for afghanis or Indians.

  5. united4justice
    November 7, 2010 at 9:17 am

    as far as missing persons or people who died in extra judicial killing in military operations or actions like lal masjid are involved and their being part of bigger game is concerned, we need to see on case to case bases.

    first of all there was no reason for illegally abducting, selling or killing people without proper court procedures even if they were involved in some crimes. secondly the games are concerned , our role historically has been of the mercenaries and rented force (like sepoys used by east india company), so our agencies dont care about the fact that people whom they use to treat as heroes are now criminals , they are just toeing the line of their pay master.

    however in doing see we need to see these are not just tools, which our agencies use and when they are not required they frame them and eliminate them,they are human beings and if they ve done some crimes they need to be given a proper trial.
    if policies were wrong then change the policies instead of killing the tools or punishing them without any trial(in case of any wrong doing).

    we cannot simply overlook the matter coz some of the people (or even most or all) were involved somehow with cold war games or games between india and pakistan.
    we also need to see what grounds are breeding dissatisfaction among people who are turning into extreme elements or terrorists(both are different things), and if we look the reasons are mainly not religious but are more related to supression which usa is doing in afghanistan, ussr did in afghanistan, india is doing in kashmir and pakistan is doing in balochistan and fata.economic reasons are also a main cause as poverty also breeds lots of crimes. one cannot simply cover up the results of social injustices, lack of economic opportunity and state terrorism against its own people to please imperialist masters, under the umbrella of terrorism.

    surely the state of affairs between india and pakistan are such that both try to cash each other weaknesses and its them through their policy of supression and brutality give other party the chance to cash in.

  6. November 7, 2010 at 7:28 pm

    I have got data of few missing people or victims of extra judical killings.
    Most of them were removed to save the big wigs of state who cant afforded revelation or reaction of their trainees after complete 180 turns in interior and exterior national policies.


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