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Remembering Musharraf : 2007 worst year for Pakistan

This one is for Mushis apologists and narrow-minded people who are mentally retarded enough to still praying and hoping for Musharraf’s return. 2007 was the worst year for Pakistan which damaged the federation and economy . Still its impacts are going on with growing severity day by day. People see the growing tree but don’t see where the roots are.Musharraf played sectarian, ethnic and social class cards to his favor which still serve for him to get some support. This approach has destroyed our social fabric. 

‎1- 31st March 2007 attempt to remove the CJP in a ridiculous manner:

A real insulting attack on Judiciary, weakened the already weakened institution.

2- 12th May 2007 Karachi violence:

An attempt to kill CJP and an attempt to create a civil war type situation between ethnic groups. Purpose was divide people and extend his rule.

3- 3rd July 2007 Lal Masjid Operation:

It was done to dilute the impact of First Lawyers Movement and to give sectarian and social class color to this war against terror so that it can be owned by a wide section of our society. The consequences are still being felt as now after this operation this war has become more brutal and intensity has increased to highest level. It was part of Mushi’s expand the war and extend the rule policy. The logics, like Masjid e Zarrar or Takfeeri or Sufi/Wahabi division, which were floated in the masses to justify the operation later proved to be really damaging for our society as many who opposed the operation used the same logics to justify their brutal actions. This started a new row of suicide bombings and terrorism and a new sectarian war started with it.

4- 3rd November 2007 Martial Law:

It was another brutal attack on constitution, judiciary, media, lawyers, civil society and everyone who was against the illegal regime of Musharraf, his unconstitutional actions and violations of human rights.This action brought Pakistan’s economy to its knees. The economic structure of Mushi and Shortcut Aziz was fake and based on fictitious economy so economy started to collapse further (collapse already started in early 2007).

5- 27 December 2007 Benazir Murder:

Mushi and his partners decided to remove Benazir from the scene. It brought Zardari as new Chairman of PPP through an allegedly fake will. Benazir and Mushi had a deal arranged by USA,UK and Pakistan Army which broke when Mushi imposed 3rd November Martial Law and also Mushi never wanted Benazir to share his rule with Benazir and also he was afraid that Benazir might not be able to do things for him which he wanted like a clean and safe exit. Zardari was given PPP and NRO in return for Mushi’s security and later this helped the smiling wicked person to become Pakistan’s President. But Zardari gave Mushi a safe exit and now due to his incompetency or probably planning Mushi is trying to come back in Pakistani politics.

Its hard to say how long our country will face the aftermath of Musharraf's evil tenure.

  1. Rwhana Safia
    August 5, 2013 at 9:37 am

    Very strange
    Why blame Musharraf?
    LalMasjid was talibans panah gah and aslaha khana9:107-108
    Ulemas talibans mentors9:31-34—-2:11-12
    Saudia dishing out weapons and cash to carry out insurgencies in Pakistan and to train talibans as jihadis
    As in CJ CASE
    WELL FIND OUT HOW HIS 3rd divisioner son got vharti in police where as 1st divisioners were left out
    Open you eyes
    Andhai behrai hou kia?
    President carry out operation against terrorists or police or Army?
    As in Balochistan operation again Bugti was hiding with his fauj in the caves
    Army carried out an operation
    Hear both siide of the stories
    Talibans use their family as human shields
    When they carry out bomb blasts and kill innocents no one speaks as roxpzana lashein girti hein
    Agar drone marai inkai arwas aur inkai bachai marein tou MEDIA SYMPATHY GAIN KARNAI KPU KHOOB DIKHAI
    TERRORIST Tlibans ka roop dhar fasad karai
    Burqai mein aai jai apnai weapons aur bombs kai saath
    Koi inkou na chuai

  2. Rwhana Safia
    August 5, 2013 at 9:40 am

    Pak Awaj
    Hukmran mulk kou tornai kai durpai hein
    Aur aap khamosh tamashai
    Ibrat pakrou east pakistan kai breakup sai
    Jaisai pehlai Musharraf kou bachaya
    Waisai abh bhee bachaou

  1. August 29, 2010 at 3:21 am

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