Some Suggested Items For Relief Efforts In Haiti

I would like to share few things which we learned during the relief goods collection campaign after 2005 northern Pakistan earth quake.

Immediate arrangement for living:

It’s January and surely it will be cold , it usually takes time for tents to arrive and homes to be built. The fastest way for temporary arrangement can be made through Billboard-Panaflex material as it is easily available and provides good weather shield.

Food problem:

Food items should be ready to eat packed items because for items like flour, meat etc you need stoves etc. These can be sent in later stages.
The best items for immediate relief efforts are tetra pack milk, hard biscuits, juices, dry fruits etc

Bakery items will not help that much as they don’t last long.

Water is also going to be a problem as after earthquake usually water resources get polluted and unusable.

Medicine :

Not only medicine related to injuries are required but also for diseases which spread due to contamination like diarrhea, malaria, diseases from animals for e.g. dog bites and cold.


There are lots of kids with traumatic experience so it is good to divert their attention from the earthquake aftermath.

Clothes and Shrouds :

Clothes need to be new / dry cleaned and of thick material.

Shrouds and Coffins are also required for burying the bodies.


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