Slave minds

There are people who don’t know the meaning of bilateral peaceful/friendly relationship between states on equal grounds , they only know master-slave relationship or enemy-enemy relationship.

We find them in politics,media,intellectual classes and everywhere just like other people because they represent a mindset, mindset of a slave.

They criticize those who talk about protecting the sovereignty and self respect of the country and nation. They think by talking about protecting the sovereignty means going into baseless wars and talking about self respect means insulting others or breaking all ties with others.

I have seen people who demand the freedom loving people not to go to foreign countries or not to send their children in those countries for studies because freedom loving people  oppose the occupation and control of these countries on our country  and the reason is same slave mindset about relationships.

They can’t understand that countries promote bilateral people to people, government to government , institution to institution relationships with each other without ceding their sovereignty and backing off from their principle stands.