Journalists to observe Black Day on 3rd–>The News

Sunday, November 01, 2009
ISLAMABAD: A joint protest meeting will be held at the National Press Club (NPC), Islamabad on November 3 at 3 pm against the emergency and ban imposed on media two years back and against the proposed restrictions on the electronic media by the Rawalpindi Islamabad Union of Journalists, the National Press Club and the South Asia Free Media Association (SAFMA).

“November 3 will be observed every year as Black Day, as the military dictator had banned all the TV channels and enforced black laws in the country,” the NPC said in a press release.

The meeting will also discuss and draw course of action against the proposed recommendation to impose restrictions on the media, including ban on live coverage and restrictions on programmes. There is a move to revive the “Musharraf’s black media laws,” it said.

Leaders of the PFUJ, RIUJ, NPC, bar associations, civil society and representative of cross-section of society will address the meeting to pay tribute to the people who resisted. On November 3, 2007 following the promulgation of emergency in the country, the then government enforced the Pemra amended Ordinance, 2007 under which all private TV channels and FM radios were banned.

The journalists community, under the banner of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), had launched a historic 76 days of struggle during which over 200 journalists were detained and cases were registered against the PFUJ and journalists.

In Islamabad, the RIUJ set up a protest camp, which continued for all 76 days outside the Press Club camp office at Melody. “If the government wants to test our nerves again, we are ready to face the democrats,” the NPC said.

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