It’s time to sort out the real problems

Recent attacks on civilians are not only horrible but highly condemnable but with all the condemnation and anger we need to sort out the real problems which have become the real cause of this mess.

The terrorist activities in Pakistan are a result of capitalist-imperialism, greed of
our leaders, absence of justice and lack of accountability of our institutions.

If we think that few thousand Talibans ( with all the disagreements and agreements with wrongs and rights of their system) or some other force can rule us then it means we
are admitting that our state structure is garbage and if you are talking about changing the culture or ideology by force…No chance.

The terrorist activities can mainly be categorized as:

1) Revenge of the innocent killings by our forces here and Allied forces in Afghanistan.Also
our support in the form of giving supply route to NATO supplies and Drone attacks are playing it’s part as well.
2) Revenge and anger exploited by enemies of Pakistan but its our fault we are providing them the ground to play with.
3) Attacks like on Shariah academy,Peshawar and Benazir were done by players of weapon-blood-dollar game which includes enemies of Pakistan who want us to remain engaged in the war (so called allies in the so called war against terror) and their pets in our own ranks (politicians, military and civil establishment etc).

4) Not to forget the ethnic and sectarian cards which Musharraf government played with their
allied parties and groups to control power, they have also contributed a lot to this mess.

The only solution is to bring system of justice, re-establishment of tribal institutions and accountability of institutions and leaders to fix the internal problems.

As far as the external part of the solution we need to tell USA and NATO to get out from Afghanistan and end this baseless war and if they don’t we need to come out of this war on our own, stop NATO supplies from Pakistan, stop Drone attacks by any means and convey the Pros of peace and Cons of this war to the the rest of the world.