Islamic University, Islamabad blast–>Somethings to look at

It’s shocking to hear that International Islamic University Islamabad has become a victim of terrorist attacks killing reportedly 7 people including female students.

Islamic University Islamabad is a premier Islamic Institution in the Muslim world where students from various countries with different backgrounds study (with having college,university and maddrissah backgrounds).
The Islamic University blast is different from GHQ one , it has a symbolic value . It is intended to show that the perceived enemy is against Islamic education for women as well.The orchestrated media campaign and Rehman Malik’s rote statement that they did same in Sawat on girls school now they have hit IU, shows the agencies (foreign or local) did this to take everyone on board (specially the anti war people) for backing the war in Waziristan.

Teacher of Osama bin laden and jihadist leader Sheikh Azzam also taught at Islamic University Islamabad so it cannot be a result of religious extremism or so. Rehman Malik,Shuja Pasha and team will be considered as responsibles for this attack if they don’t probe this independently and keep the view that it is not done by USA or India without any investigation.

We demand full scale independent investigations for these activities and all the military operations done in this war against humanity which is leading our country to disaster.

Our people and specially our government and military should realize that our nation has gone into a self destructive mode due to some selfish decisions by Zionist pets in our ranks.

We need to come out of this self destructive mode and war against humanity because it is destroying our nation,country,military and humanity as a whole.