If this is war then there is a need of making an independent war tribunal–>A note on Pakistan Army’s violations of human rights in US lead WAR AGAINST HUMANITY AND PEACE.

“No Justice! No Peace!” This is something what every sane person on the planet can understand.

But it seems understanding of this has been put aside during the US-lead war against humanity
and peace(so called war against terrorism). We saw videos and images coming out of Iraq and
Afghanistan of violations of human rights by US and allied forces in places like Bagram (the
same prison where Dr. Aafia was tortured),Abu ghuraib,Guantanamo and else where.

The similar practices were followed by Pakistan Army and security agencies during this US-lead
war and if it is really a war then there is a serious need of making a war tribunal to probe
what has happened during post 9/11 weapon-blood-dollar game in Pakistan.

The list of crimes is long which includes:
1) Mass killings and genocide of which WANA,Waziristan,Sawat,Baluchistan and LAL-Masjid are classic examples.
2) Humiliation and torturing of accused without proper trial.
3) Extra judicial killings (There are reports of this in Sawat,Fata and Baluchistan).
4) Torturing of the relatives of people (Who are not responsible of anything) who are allegedly fighting against the army(Recent video of Sawat is a real good example of this).
5) Illegal abduction of people and selling them to foreign countries for dollars without giving a proper trial (Missing persons case and Dr. Aafia Siddiqi come in the same category).

The worst thing is that Pakistan army is doing this with it’s own people which is one step
ahead of US and NATO forces as they are doing all the crimes against foreign people on foreign soil.

Our army and government never learned the lessons from history, we face the consequences of all this in 1971 in the form of Bangladesh now it seems the establishment wants to repeat it.

Therefore we appeal to all the justice and peace loving people of the world especially Pakistan to support the demand of making an independent war tribunal.

You can watch the Sawat torture video on: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/8287976.stm