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PRESIDENT Asif Ali Zardari has said that Pakistan is trying to streamline its role in the global war against terrorism.
“Democracy is working fairly well. We are gaining authority. We have taken political responsibility. People of Pakistan are with us in this war against the few ignorable people,” Zardari maintained while talking to BBC on Wednesday.
Pleading in favour of his input during the last one year, Zardari said that it was evident that Pakistani Army, democracy and his government could bring results; the world, therefore, should help him more.
“We want that our year-long struggle should be acknowledged and it should be admitted that Pakistan Army, the government and the democracy could bring results,” he said.
In reply to a question about British police operation in Pakistan, he said he would have agreed to the proposal if British Police had been better than his police, but, he said, it was not so. “The main thing is the resource. If the world provides us with resources, we can take the war against Taliban to other areas too.”
Zardari said he believed that Osama Bin Ladin had been killed.
He demanded the deaths caused by Nato air raid on Kunduz in Afghanistan last week, should be probed on world level as it had claimed lives of 70 civilians according to an Afghan human rights organisation.
Talking about charges of rigging in the Afghan presidential elections, he said the allegations were being sifted out. He, however, favoured President Karzai, expressing the hope that he would attend Karzai’s oath-taking for the next term of president.
Answering a question about his greatest achievement during the first year of his tenure, he said “History and time will tell.”
He said he was going to preside over a meeting of the heads of Friends of Pakistan, jointly with US President Obama and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, during the current month.
“It is now the cumulative responsibility of the world at large to compensate the losses sustained by Pakistan in fighting against terrorism and extremism. He also held it a joint responsibility of the world to bring Taliban under control.”