Ambassador of so called civilized USA blocks Dr. Shireen Mazari of writing the truth.

We are proud that we have a brave soldier in our country with name Dr. Shireen Mazari who despite pressures and threats is continuing her work of spreading the truth about US invasion of Pakistan.

In recent incident US Ambassoder pressurised a local news paper “The News International” to block her column.

According to SANA news agency:

“ISLAMABAD (SANA): Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf spokesperson on foreign affairs Shirin Mazari has claimed that a US base being built in Gharo area in Sindh.

Addressing a news conference Shirin Mazari said the US poking its nose in all affairs of Pakistan and when she started writing columns on the matter the US Ambassador exerted pressure closing her writings.

Mazari said her life has been under threat adding that the Minister of Interior and US diplomats will be responsible if anything happened to her.”

We clearly condemn the actions of US ambassador and demand the government of Pakistan (just a formality we know they are American pets) to expel the ambassador as she has crossed the boundaries of diplomatic norms and harmed our freedom of expression.