Altaf and Maulana Diesel playing their dirty game to support Zardari.

Altaf Hussain and Maulana Diesel who also played an important role in extending the American Pet Dictator Musharraf’s Role now playing their dirty game again to support another American Pet Dictator (Civilian Dictator this time) by giving the noble lawyer’s movement for the restoration of judiciary and saving Pakistan an ethnic color.

We condemn MQM and JUI role in damaging the federation of Pakistan and also appeal to the civil society to condemn these acts of evilness.

Movement of Restoration and Independence of Judiciary is a movement of All Pakistan from Karachi-Quetta to Khayber-Muzaffarabad and well lead by the lawyer’s of Pakistan who are well supported by civil society, students, political workers and the nation as a whole.

All the bar associations from all over the country playing their role in this movement and leadership of the movement belong to all ethnic identities and this movement is truly a Pakistan movement replay.

We salute the people who are marching for the cause of justice and sincerely wish them best of luck.