Lawyers’ obverse black day

Those who think the present setup has something to do with democracy are living in the same fools paradise which was created by the American Dictator Mush. The only thing which has improved is that civil society in Pakistan is getting more and more stronger as the folds of feudals/dictators are getting tighter and tighter.

We salute the lawyers for giving our nation the vision to live with dignity and honour.

Keep up the good work.


RAWALPINDI: The legal fraternity across the country including Rawalpindi observed black day on Monday over completion of two years of illegal steps taken by Former President Gen. (retd) Pervez Musharraf against deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.

Besides boycotting proceeding of the courts, the lawyers wearing black band on their arms brought out rallies in different cities of the country for reinstatement of deposed judges of Pakistan. Lawyers in Rawalpindi also boycotted courts and also protested on Kachehri chowk, causing suspension of traffic for some time.

The lawyers also hoisted black flag at bar building in a protest of steps taken by Pervez Musharraf two years ago against deposed CJP. It may be recalled here that 9 members lawyer delegation who arrived in Rawalpindi from Lahore on foot also participated in the protest.

Addressing the lawyers, the leadership of District and High Court Bar has made it clear their movement would be continued till reinstatement of deposed judges, rule of law and independent judiciary.

The steps taken by Former President on March 09 2007 was illegal and unconstitutional, they said, adding that, sit-in Islamabad on March 16 would be peaceful but if government tries to create hurdle then it would be responsible for consequences.