Difficult times and our national responsibility.

Recent events in India and the resulting unjust pressure on Pakistan shows the double standards of moralities and legalities by the so called civilized powers of the world.
The ban on the charitable organization by UN-Security council and the slavish response by our government in the form of surrender on every order by the powers willing to conquer the world at the cost of humanity is a shame for me as a citizen of a country founded on the principles of Islamic Social and Economic Justice.
In these difficult times our national responsibility is to pressurise our government to act as a sovereign country which is a nuclear power not like a country of slaves ruled by puppets.
A country where judiciary is crushed, dictators and feudals run the country affairs, corrupts are made leaders and idiots set the course of progress things don’t look hopeful but our will to make our future better than today supported by our actions in the right directions can change a lot.