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Protest in Muscat-Oman for the release of Dr. Aafia





Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani neuroscientist who grew up in the U.S. and went to top universities, including the prestigious MIT university, who had an outstanding record as a student. She had to leave the U.S. when the authorities began harassing her and her husband for their charity activities. They came back to Karachi, Pakistan. One day in March 2003, this talented young woman was picked up by Pak & FBI operatives from Karachi, and then sent to Afghanistan where she was tortured, and kept in a prison at US detention facility at Bagaram without any trial and charges against her. In 2005 when Moazzam Beg was released from Guantanamo, he wrote a book Enemy Combatant in which he explains that in his detention at bagaram many times he listened screams of a woman which still today echoing in his nightmares. Later on he came to know from his fellow detainees who were also transferred from Bagram to Guanatanamo, that they had same experience of listening terrible screams of woman. Similarly in 2005 four detainees of Bagaram escaped and while on run they gave interview to a tv Channel Al Arabia about their escape and also revealed that there is Pakistani woman detainee, who is brutally tortured by US Soldiers and her screams prompted them to go for a hunger strike for six days, to pressurize US soldiers, to end torturing her.

Yvone Ridely, a british journalist after reading moazzam’s book, starts the quest for that lady prisoner and disclosed the fact in a press conference in July 2008 that the Ghost Prisoner 650, is Dr Afia Siddiqui. At this point US authorities were being under attack from all human rights organizations around the world and they had no other alternative but to disclose her detention. They did it, but in way that their cooked story was even beyond the reach of Hollywood scriptwriters, claiming that she was caught in Afghanistan near the governor’s office with explosives substance in July 2008. This half alive woman assaulted a team of FBI & US troops with M4 Rifle and shot several rounds of fire. Surprisingly none of the US soldier got bullet, they remained safe but in self-defense they shot her.

Now US officials are completely ignorant about her disappearance from 2003 to july 2008 which is a blatant lie, trying to hide her five year secret detention and inhuman torture in a story which no one can believe. In five years of her detention she was not charged with anything. And that is proof of her innocence which we should not forget.

Although one of her child is repatriated to Pakistan but two are still missing, who were being kidnapped along with her. There are also some reports that one of her child died in detention.

We don’t have any hope that she will get a fair trial in US Court. Now this is a time for all of us who believe in humanity, justice and truth, to stand up for our innocent sister.

We must exert all our pressure for demanding immediate release of Dr Afia and her children.

You can join us in this struggle;

By participating in the protest on 19th November 2008. You can confirm your willingness to participate at Cell No. 00968-99235136 through sms or can contact after 7pm at the given number.
Write letters to Government authorities, both Pakistan & USA, and to newspapers and media personnel.
To counter the false story which american media is showing. Send email about her and about this protest to your friends and everywhere around the world. All information about her you can find on website http://www.aafiasiddiqui.org
Send messages (sms) about this protest.
Post on chat & discussion forums.
At the end I must say that if you are not in a position to do anything, atleast remember her in your prayers.

We seek mercy and help from Allah.

Waqas Ahmed
Sultanate of Oman

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