Imran offers to help bolster forex reserves–>Imran gave credit of the exiled leadership return to CJP Iftikhar.

Imran offers to help bolster forex reserves(The News)

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has offered to inject overseas Pakistanis’ capital in local banks provided the government ensures the accounts of President Asif Zardari and all politicians are transferred from foreign banks to Pakistan.

The conditional offer by the cricketer-turned-politician to help the government address its economic woes came during Imran’s address to party workers at Baghbanpura, here on Sunday.

There PML leader Mian Mirajuddin’s son Hamid Miraj announced to join PTI. Imran said he could undertake the mission to bring the capital of Pakistanis living abroad to local banks but set the condition for government to first ensure that all politicians, the president, prime minister, legislators and political leaders transferred their foreign accounts to Pakistani banks.

The government could save itself from self-inflicted embarrassment of seeking monetary aid from foreign countries, which would come with hard conditions by following this measure, Imran maintained.

He said the economic woes of the country would subside if only the politicians brought their money back, most of which was black money, he alleged.

Imran blasted the incumbent and former presidents for scratching each other’s back at the expense of the poor people of the country.

Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf had accused Asif Zardari of corruption of billions of rupees while Zardari on his part had also alleged that Musharraf had embezzled 50 billion US dollars American aid, which was to be used in the war on terror.

‘It appears that both have forgiven each other unilaterally although the money looted belonged to the people of Pakistan,’ Imran jested. Lamenting the absence of an independent judiciary, Imran said Musharraf and Zardari should have been brought before the courts had there been a free judiciary.

Flaying the political parties for double standards, Imran said when in opposition all political forces demanded independence of judiciary but the same parties stabbed judiciary in the back after coming to power.

He accused PPP of reneging on its promises of reinstating deposed judges saying the PPP had struggled along with other forces for independence of judiciary but now its leaders derided deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry by dubbing him as a political person.

Imran claimed the return of exiled slain PPP Chairperson Ms Bhutto and PML-N Chief Mian Nawaz Sharif would never have took place without the courageous stand against a dictator taken by the then CJ on March 9, 2007.

Imran questioned the basis of Law Minister Farooq H Naek’s statement whereby he had declared deposed CJ’s retirement. ‘The current rulers are more scared of a free judiciary than Musharraf ever was,’ Imran said.

Imran opined the absence of supremacy of law in the country had given way to rise in corruption alleging the PPP-led government had included corrupt people into cabinet whose loot had been waived off by the state under the infamous NRO. Imran said if President Asif Zardari was innocent and corruption cases against him were politically motivated then a judicial tribunal should have been constituted.

But, judiciary has always served as ruling party’s B-Team, he said. Speaking on the war on terror, Imran lambasted the government for not taking the course of dialogue to defuse the situation in FATA.

He lamented that while the US and UK governments were now considering negotiating with the Taliban, the rulers of Pakistan were vowing to eliminate them. ‘The current government is more loyal to the US than Afghan President Hamid Karzai,’ he said.

While deploring the state of education in the country, Imran underlined the need of declaring state emergency in the field of education. He criticised the government’s attitude towards education saying while the government had purchased weapons worth 5.1 Billion US dollars, the amount being spent on education was not enough.

PTI Punjab president Ahsan Rasheed, central information secretary Umer Cheema, Lahore president Mian Mehmood and other office-bearers were also present at the occasion and welcomed Hamid Miraj’s entry into the ranks of PTI.