PTI workers should get ready for a new struggle to get independence for their country: Imran Khan

 PTI workers should get ready for a new struggle to get independence for their country: Imran Khan (

On 5th October 2008 in his first ever public meeting in Murree organized by Sadaqat Abbasi (Organizer Murree), Imran Khan asked the supporters of his party to get ready for a struggle to bring about real independence in this country. He said that we wont sit back until Iftikhar Chaudhry is restored since he is still the constitutional chief justice of Pakistan. He said that the real independence can only come when the judiciary is independent. He said that the biggest crime Asif Zardari has committed is to betray the nation and not restore Iftikhar Chaudhry. He asked PPP to realize the truth since Asif Zardri has hijacked them and betrayed the struggle they had fought for restoration of Iftikhar Chaudhry afrer 9th March 2007.

Referring to the situation of tribal areas, he said that we should be shameful that we cannot learn from our mistakes. He said that before 1971, military dictators used to tell us that there are few terrorists in East Pakistan and they will be taken care of. He said that had we stood up at that time, we wouldn’t have lost half of our country. He said we are again standing in a situation like Bangladesh where our own army is killing our own civilians. He said that tribal people had liberated Azad Kashmir and also prepared lashkars to help out Muslims who were migrating from India in 1947 which were being attacked by Sikhs at that time. He said it would be a shame if we don’t stand up and let innocents die in that area. He said that we don’t want to protect any terrorists but we dont want innocents to be killed in the name of terrorists. Terrorists can only be marginalized by winning the hearts and minds of locals.

Earlier member CEC Prof. Sadaqat Abbasi shed light on the achievements of Imran Khan as a sportsman, social worker and a politician and discussed the problems of local population. He said that PTI is the only party which can address the root causes of all problems. Other organizers of disctrict Rawalpindi were also present on the occassion.