Pakistan Govt. denied to accept the son of Dr. Afia.

It’s another shameful act by our goverment and military establishment for not accepting the innocent son of Dr Afia Siddiqi (who was kidnapped with her 3 children).

According to media reports the 11-12 year old son(Ahmed) of Dr Afia was to be handed over yesterday but Pakistani authorities denied to accept him as there citizen and so he was taken by unknown soldiers to an unknown location.


Pakistan declines to accept Dr. Aafia’s children: Dr. Fauzia(Pakistan Times)

KARACHI: Dr. Fauzia Siddiqui, sister of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui has accused Pakistan of declining to accept the citizenship of Dr. Aafia’s children. Talking to private TV channel, she said that Pakistani government refused to demand custody of Dr. Aafia’s children from the Afghanistan. She said her family had filed a case in American court seeking custody of children. Her lawyer told that US State department had appraised the court about Pakistani government refusal to consider Dr. Aafia’s children as Pakistani citizens, added Siddiqui.

According to Dr. Fauzia, her brother Muhammad Ali received a letter sent by the State department. The letter said Muhammad Ali didn’t appear before the court since more than two weeks, therefore; children could not be handed over to the family. Dr. Aafia’s children will remain in America, it said. She further said that her brother didn’t appear before the court as Pakistani government had assured them of its full support in brining the children back to the Pakistan.-SANA