Dr. Afia’s elder son in US detention:officials

US officials have accepted that Ahmed the elder son of Dr. Afia who was kidnapped by US and Pakistani agencies in August 2003 from Karachi is in US custody, accepted by US officials.

I don’t know in what condition he is in and what law allows the illegal detention of a 10 years old (who was 5 when he was kidnapped)?

Still there is no news of the other two children (one of them was 1 month old when he was kidnapped).

28 August, Sit-in to support the cause of judiciary all over Pakistan

Supreme Court Bar Association President, Aitzaz Ahsan has called for Sit-in (Dharna) for the restoration of judiciary on 28th August .

All the people are requested to support this nobel cause and be there (keep your selves updated for the dharna location in your city).

Timings: 12:00 -2:00 pm

Date: 28th August

Cause: To restore independent judiciary of Pakistan

Also he announced that there will be a dharna at constitution avenue, Islamabad.


(Regional Times)

Lawyers to stage countrywide sit-ins on Aug 28: Aitzaz

ISLAMABAD: National Coordination Council of lawyers Saturday decided to stage countrywide sit-ins on August 28 Thursday; these sit-ins would be two-hour long and would be held at every bar including High Court Bars and district bar association across the country.
Addressing a press conference after the lawyers meeting here, Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan announced this decision. He said an executive committee has been constituted to conduct consultations on implementation of the decisions of lawyers coordination council. This committee would have Aitzaz Ahsan as chairman and Sardar Asmatulla as its Secretary General and Hafiz Abdur Rahman as Information Secretary. SCBA president said the representative lawyers including the office-bearers of all the bar councils of country would stage sit-in on September 4 at the Constitution Avenue. Ahsan said every bar of the country would conduct a general body meeting on August 25 (Monday) and will pass condemnation resolution against Pakistan Bar Council and the black flags would again be hoisted on all bar council buildings throughout Pakistan. He said PBC has deviated from the cause of lawyers, adding the lawyers meeting has unanimously passed resolution in condemnation of PBC.—Agencies