Dr. Afia Updates–>bullet wound,kidney removed(AHRC)

Dear Friends,

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received updated information that due to a bullet wound and removal of one kidney, Dr. Afia Siddiqui health is in a serious condition, but no medical assistance has been provided to her whilst she has been in American custody in New York.Read from AHRC

(Maham has written a really touchy poem for the prisoners who are detained illegally by America, we are publishing it with her comments on the post.)

i ask all the human rights commission out there that where were they for the past five years whrn poor doctor Afia was bein tortured by the brutal American forces and this is not the plight of doctor Afia alone but of the countless people suffering in the Guantanamo bay, Abu gharib prison and the phantom prisons, those poor people die suffering the atrocities and don’t even get the free trial after their deaths. Shame on all of us who just sit back in the comfort of our homes and mourn whats going on around us and the next moment get busy totally forgetting what we were mourning about some time back.
I hope with all my heart that doctor Afia Siddiqa and her likes get justice and the onces responsible for their agonies suffer the worst of sufferings.
The following poem is for all the American hostages:

I am a shattered soul
With Teary eyes
On an endless road
I was abducted
To humility I was subjected
Quietly I bore all the scorn
One or two times
Locked up in my 4inch cell
I may have cried
But my hopes would never be gone
I can bear more doggy bites
I can sleep on the thorns
But my hopes would never be gone
Though the dreams are broken
The wounds are still sore
I don’t feel pain
I don’t dread bleeding
I detest no beating
I would keep going
Tonight the road is still misty
The faces confused
The visions blurred
The lips slurred
If this is the dusk
I would wait for the dawn
My hopes would never be gone