False allegations by US government on DR. Afia Siddqi(prisoner 650)

Dr. Afia is fianlly being prosecuted in Newyork court , charged with the allegations of attacking a US officer and links with Al-Qaida Afia who was in real bad condition during the proceedings denied all the allegations.

The falsehood can be understood by fbi claim that she was arrested with her elder son from Ghazni in Afganistan whereas media reports at that time in 2003 and proofs are there that she was arrested from Karachi near a petrol pump at NIPA and leave aside the allegations that bomb making information was recovered from her bag .

Above all where were those charges during the last 5 years when she was badly tortured,raped and even today no one knows where her 3 children are (dead or alive).

We appeal to the civil society of the world and human rights organizations especially in USA to raise voice on the issue and support an innocent women who has already suffered alot for nothing and show that humanity as a whole is not unjust and cruel.