A dream lost?

(A poem written for independance day of Pakistan by a blogger. I hope the blogger will not mind if we share it . )
source  :http://rsameem.wordpress.com/2008/08/06/a-dream-lost/

They dreamt of a utopia

A perfect heaven

Where birds chirped free

And gulls danced with glee

Where a tear, if dropped

Was caught by many hands

Where a lonely heart, if sighed

Where a child in pain, if cried

Was given a piece of time

To hear out all the grief

and put every mind at peace

They envisioned a life

Where hands joined

To lift up what had fallen

To retrieve what was stolen

Where faith was

The one, the only language

And patience the only law

The emotions, genuine and raw

Where they all sang one tune

and danced in this blessed boon

Yet what they thought

They didn’t get it all

But whatever is quite whole?

And broken as they are

They still call

The hope that comes and spawns

Inspiration that sparks, clings on

And so they vow and ascend

To see it till the end

They limp, they tumble

They get up and walk again

Never letting go ‘coz

They had dreamt of a utopia

And dreams can never be

Lost, given up

Dreams can never be set free..


Well if you haven’t already guessed, I wrote this one specially for the upcoming ‘Independance Day’ whose glory has been sadly fading more each day -(

But Long Live PAKISTAN