Govt not sincere to deposed judges: Wajih–> The News

Friday, July 11, 2008
NEW YORK: Former judge of the Supreme Court Justice (retd) Wajihuddin Ahmad has observed that the government is not sincere to reinstate the deposed judges and the nation will have to do this work.

Talking to media after inaugurating the ‘Justice Corner’ here on Thursday, Justice Wajih said the PCO judges and the deposed judges could not sit together. He asked the legal fraternity not to take the decision for sit-ins or staging long marches in a hurry. The wounds resulting from not staging a sit-in outside parliament during the first long march of lawyers for the reinstatement of the deposed judges have not yet healed, he said. The decision to invite Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar to the People’s Lawyers’ Forum is also wrong, Wajihuddin added.

Karachi bombings–>an attempt to sabotage peace process.

Recent act of terrorism in Karachi in which a series of 7 bomb blasts resulted in the killings of 2 persons and at least 40 injuries seems to be a part of various attempts by the enemies of peace (traitors and foreign enemies) in an attempt to destabilize Pakistan.
The targets to be achieved from the bombings:
1) Start pakhtoon-muhajis ethnic riots.
(For that a confusion will be created that it was targeted against ANP, when it comes to Karachi ANP has tensions with MQM so the partial blame will go on MQM and a chance of Pukhtoon-Muhajir riots).
2) Damage the peace talks between ANP and Taliban.
(Thats another interesting dimension some enemies of PEACE are trying to give to these bombings so as to sabotage the peace talks).
My appeal to the nation is to show some sense, keep their brains working and not let the enemies achieve their evil agenda and for the govt. I must say “Must get out from this war against Pakistan, Islam and in general humanity and peace which is so called war against terrorism”.