The Zionist Game Plan–>comment on a friend’s blog

Looking at history and comparing it with what is happening at present gives a real good idea of what is happening around.

The Zionists controlling the major part of world economy and busy in fulfilling their evil goals have brought the humanity on the verge of destruction.

The comments below are given by me on my friend’s blog regarding the current situation in the world and specially Pakistan (full of typos so forgive for inconvenience).

Well the pattern is really interesting:

On the world stage the zionists put plots to start:

1) Crusades ( a clash between Christians and Muslims well cashed by zionists and knights Templers(later become free masons)).

2) Their first target was to capture the christian world so they exploited differences between various groups (protestants,orthodox and catholics etc) and as a result europe saw the real deadly wars during medieval ages.

3) Later they used their hold on europe (specially british empire) to rule most part of the world.

4) then during the early half of 20th century they were able to start to world wars which resulted in the collapse of ottoman caliphate(during first world war), weakening of europe and more dependency on zionists economic aids(even they sacrificed their jews),transfer of keys of world game from british to USA(zionists new power centre),creation of the state of Israel(as a result of fall of the ottoman caliphate),rise of a two blocks (capitalist lead by USA and communist lead by Soviet Union) which helped in achieving their evil goals of destruction and making smaller countries dependent on them(zionists funded both sides).

5) After the end of cold war they need a new war ground to play with so they used the phenomenon of War Against Terrorism and the reason is that they have understood that the only ideology which can come in their way is Islam and the other goal is to cater china as a growing economic and defence power (the problem with china is that it has not become a part of their game yet and so a power like china is not acceptable for them).

6) To marginalise the enemy they have made inroad through traitors and by using internal weaknesses (ethnic and sectarian differences). Just have a look the pattern they are using:In Labenon using Sunni govt. to fight against Shia Hesbollah,In Palestine using nationalist Al-Fatah to fight religious Hamas,In Iraq using Shia govt. against Sunni Arabs and using Sunni Kurds against Sunni Arabs(exploitation of both ethnic and sectarian weaknesses),Creating Arab-Iran Tension and to fuel that they supply weapons to Arab and let Iran get it from underworld or Russians etc(As Iran will grow strong the chances of Iran-USA war will be more and zionists don’t care about the life losses of USA or even its destruction ,all they want is the strengthening of their rule on the world),They have successfully finished the chances of a possible anti-USA alliance in west asian region(Iran,Iraq,Afghanistan and Pakistan)by using sectarian differences and now look Sunnis,Wahabis and Shias are now in the state of an ideological clash specially in Pakistan where the govt. mostly controlled or supported by so called liberals(another division they created using the Turkish model they used to destroy ottoman caliphate),barelvis and followers of sufism and some sects of shias are in a position of clash with wahabis and deobandis (which west calls jihadi Islam) and followers of all sects of Sunni,Shia and Wahabis (based on their internal differences and years of hatred being created for each other) think that others are working to destroy them and also playing in the hands of zionists and other enemies of Islam and this DIVIDE AND RULE policy is used very well by traitors in the country sitting in government, military and civilian institutions,at the same time they are exploiting ethnic differences (just look at the voting trend in Pakistan and the hatred very intelligently fueled before elections, people supported their ethnic group so as to stop the other group from coming in power) and now the situation has become really confusing.

7) Also to cater their “Future” potential threat China they are using Issues of Xing Jang China,Tibet,Taiwan and other minor areas.

Now What:

The Way out I suggest for Muslims is given by Quran:

“And hold fast to the rope of Allah and do not be divided.” (Qur’an 3:103)

and in general the world must realize that zionism has nothing to do with classical Christianity,Judaism,Islam or any other religion , they are a group of people who simply don’t want to give the luxury of other human beings to exist(they don’t consider them human beings at all).

World and specially muslims have to use their brains to work for a system of justice and peace for the humanity as a whole Otherwise what I see is clash and then destruction of humanity.

May Allah guide us and help us.

” O ye who believe! stand out firmly for Allah, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is …next to piety: and fear Allah. For Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do.”(Al-Maida , 8 )