Lawyers hold protest rally from Parliament to Supreme Court—>Online

ISLAMABAD: Hundreds of lawyers belonging to different Bar Associations of Punjab staged a protest rally from parliament house to Supreme Court for the restoration of the sacked judges and supremacy of judiciary, the activists of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) and Jamat Islami JI also participated in the rally.

Sources informed that the lawyers belonging to Attock, Jhang, Taxila, Multan, Sialkot, Jehlum, Gujrat, Murree, Islamabad and Rawalpindi Bar Associations staged protest rally from parliament house to Supreme Court while uprooting the barbed wires and restrictions as created by the police on the constitution avenue.

The furious lawyers foiled every bid to restrict them while leading to Supreme Court and vehemently chanted slogans against the PCO judges, President Musharraf and PPP and demanded for the restoration of the sacked judiciary before the parliament house.

While addressing the rally Hamid Ali khan informed that the deposed judges could be restored by simple resolution of the parliament, yet the PPP led Government has deliberately complicated the situation by introducing constitutional package and has hurt the feelings of the masses by taking “U Turn” from the Murree declaration, he added.

He further reiterated, ” We will hold more long marches and will not deviate from further sacrifices for the reinstatement of the sacked judges” and will restore the supremacy of law and constitution in Pakistan.

The president of Rawalpindi High Court Bar Sardar Asmattullah Khan while addressing the participants of the rally appreciated the lawyers huge gathering, which has defeated the statements that the lawyers have lost their strength after the long march and have also ended the confusion among the masses related to the lawyers movement.

While encouraging the participants from Multan Bar association in the scorching heat, he termed it as a victory of the lawyers’ movement who gathered before the parliament house in large numbers at the call of the lawyers’ movement leaders.

The other Bar Associations presidents while addressing on the occasion reiterated that the struggle as continuing in the country for the restoration of sacked judges will also continue in future unless the sovereignty of the constitution and the judiciary in the country and the time has approached when PML (N) has to decide either they are with lawyers or with Zardari, as the masses could not be fooled any more and the lawyers will come to Islamabad again in caravans and will not retreat unless the restoration of deposed judges.

The Rawalpindi High Court bar has also arranged the meal for the participants of the protest rally after the rally termination.