Another attack on the Pakistani soil by coalition forces–> How much the nation will suffer from the policies of American Pet Dictator

It’s a real shame for a nuclear power like Pakistan that foreign forces attack our area again and again and our government except for lip servicing (even that is done with in an apology manner with a clear lack of honor and national pride).

I don’t how much the nation has to suffer the consequences of the slavish policies of the American Pet Dictator Musharraf (a traitor in true sense) and his allies(including PPP).

It’s time for the army to perform it’s real constitutional duty and safeguard their homeland by answering the attacks in a real brutal manner and teach the offenders some real lessons.

Tell them we are the followers of ONE ALLAH and are not afraid of any world power.

Recent Attack: Media has just reported an attack in Waziristan area by coalition forces resulting in the killings of several innocent lives and injuries.

May Allah give us unity,strength and faith to fight for the cause of freedom and may the system of justice be prevailed in this land of pure which was founded on the golden principles of Islam.

Long Live Pakistan!