Larger rallies soon: Aitzaz–>DAWN

ISLAMABAD, June 15: Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) chief Aitzaz Ahsan on Sunday promised more, larger rallies on the heels of the massive long march calling upon the government to restore the deposed judges.

Mr Ahsan gave no date for the future protests, but his comments indicated that the lawyers did not intend to ease their campaign for the restoration of the judges.

“There will be other marches … there will be bigger marches,” Ahsan told The Associated Press. He said lawyer leaders would soon meet to discuss fresh protests.

The recent protest in Islamabad — dubbed the long march — was one of the largest demonstrations in the capital’s history. Participants, who began travelling from around the country, arrived in Islamabad on Friday night for a massive rally close to the parliament building.

Demonstrators demanded that the judiciary be restored. Musharraf fired dozens of judges and declared a state of emergency last year to avoid legal challenges to his presidency.—AP